‘General Hospital’ Star Kimberly McCullough Gives Birth To A Healthy Baby Boy

There is some good news coming from the General Hospital family as one of its longtime stars just had her baby. Kimberly McCullough has given birth to her baby boy on June 7, and she couldn’t be happier. She is quite in love with this little guy, as she revealed to the world on social media.

McCullough, who plays the role of Robin Scorpio Drake on the ABC soap, took to Twitter to make the announcement that she had her baby boy on Wednesday. The only detail available right now is that she named the baby Otis, and he has cute little baby feet. The post was sent out with a sweet snapshot of the newborn’s 10 little toes. Baby feet always makes for a great photo op.

This is the General Hospital star’s first child born to her and her boyfriend. She had let everyone in on the good news back in December on her blog, revealing that she had just found out that she was having a baby. Now that she is a new mama to a beautiful little boy, she will be spending some much-needed time getting to know her son before she jumps back into work.

According to a report by Soap Opera Spy, the new mom will be taking three months off before she heads back to work as a director on an episode of One Day at a Time on Netflix. She is not only a very talented actress, but she is also a director and writer. She had the opportunity to direct a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars in the past, as well as other gigs that may be coming up as well.

Will General Hospital fans get to see any baby photos soon? That may be highly doubtful, as she had posted just a few days ago that there won’t be any baby pictures, only snaps of her pooch Jack, who she calls the star of the family. That certainly isn’t such a big surprise as she keeps her boyfriend’s identity a secret as well. Her private life is usually kept under wraps until she is ready to reveal what she wants. Baby photos of Otis may just be off limits publicly, at least for a little while.

Her former co-star and TV husband, Jason Thompson, also has a son, Bowie, and a daughter on the way. He does post photos and videos of his adorable son, so maybe when the two baby boys meet each other for the first time, a special photo op could be shared by one of them.

Kimberly’s pregnancy was also extended into her role as Robin on General Hospital. Her character is expecting her second child with Dr. Patrick Drake. Despite the fact that Jason Thompson is now on The Young and theRestless, the Drake family storyline explains that they are all snuggled safely in sunny California living happily ever after.

However, Robin and Emma are never too far away. Both McCullough and young actress Brooklyn Silzer had just recently returned for the General Hospital Nurses Ball last month. They are always willing to come back to their old stomping grounds when the time is right and their schedules are freed up.

The 39-year-old GH vet revealed on her blog in 2015 that she had suffered a miscarriage when she was 22 weeks along in her first pregnancy. She was carrying a little girl, and it was obviously devastating for her. However, being as strong as she is, she got through it and is now enjoying this new little one that has already lit up her life. Otis’ birth just makes it even more special, and soap fans are thrilled that everything went well for her.

Congratulations to Kimberly McCullough on her special bundle of joy! You will have to wait to see if there will be an announcement on General Hospital soon that Robin Drake has had her baby as well. She could make it back to the soap with a new baby in her arms.

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