‘Big Brother 19’ House Tour: Will The Hype Overshadow The ‘BB19’ Cast And Summer 2017 Season?

The Big Brother 19 house tour will give viewers a first real look at this season, but can the BB19 cast, the theme, and the house itself live up to the hype and expectations? The buzz for Big Brother 19 is more intense on social media than during past summers, with lots of rumors, spoilers, and theories about what is going to take place. There have been very few answers from production, though, shrouding the upcoming season in mystery.

When Will Host Julie Chen Reveal The Big Brother 19 House Tour?

Every season, host Julie Chen gives a tour of the Big Brother house, introducing viewers to the new theme while showing off the new sets. The BB19 house will have some unique attributes, much like in past seasons, with the overall premise being that houseguests should always “expect the unexpected.” Below is a video from when Julie Chen gave the Big Brother 18 house tour, with that footage becoming available on June 16 of 2016.

Going back one more year, the Big Brother 17 house tour was revealed on June 17 of 2015. This could be a big hint about when the BB19 house is going to get shown off, with the prior tours taking place six and seven days before the season premieres. If that schedule stays true for this summer, then the Big Brother 19 house tour could take place on June 21 or 22. That would give the production team ample time to also post BB19 cast member information online.

Is The Big Brother 19 Schedule Actually Starting Later?

There has been a number of Big Brother 19 rumors from fans suggesting that there is a reason that the season is starting so late this year. In reality, it’s not starting that late, as 13 seasons have started during the month of July. Having the first two episodes air on CBS during the month of June is actually a common occurrence for the reality competition show, so it isn’t too odd that the BB19 schedule is playing out this way.

The Big Brother 19 schedule begins on June 28 with a two-hour season premiere. The second episode will air on the following night (June 29), giving CBS viewers three hours of fun before the live feeds get turned on. Episodes will then air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays each week. If producers stick to the familiar format, then Sundays will have the weekly nominations for eviction, Wednesdays will show the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony, and on Thursdays, CBS will have the Eviction Ceremony and Head of Household (HOH) Competitions.

Big Brother 18 Recap And Who Won The Big Brother 18 Cash Prize

For the 2016 season, producers had 12 new houseguests joined by four former houseguests. The returning houseguests were Frank Eudy, James Huling, Nicole Franzel, and Da’Vonne Rogers. It was Nicole who ended up being named the Big Brother 18 winner, as she won the final jury vote over Paul Abrahamian and took home the $500,000 prize. In addition to the returners, a big twist was that two siblings of past houseguests were in the mix, adding an extra layer of drama to what was already a pretty explosive cast.

Big Brother 19 Rumors And The Never-Ending Hype Of The BB19 Cast

The buildup for Big Brother Season 19 has been ongoing, as fans have wanted to know the names of the BB19 cast members for months. There were originally some Big Brother 19 rumors about this being a season of All-Stars, with the potential that it could be a “second chance” season for some former houseguests. Various cast lists have appeared online, but most of them have been refuted by people on the list who aren’t planning to participate this summer.

With only 20 days left until the Big Brother 19 season premiere, CBS and the producers are starting to run out of time when it comes to official revelations. Maybe that means the BB19 house tour is about to take place, likely during an episode of The Talk, where host Julie Chen can reveal everything. It seems that they don’t mind the never-ending hype about the show because it creates free publicity and gets the word out about the new season. But for fans, what happens if the hype for Big Brother 19 surpasses the interest level people have in the BB19 cast list?

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