Latest Update Regarding Daniel Bryan’s ‘SmackDown Live’ Return Revealed

Daniel Bryan has not appeared on SmackDown Live for many weeks now, but it is for a reason. The birth of his first child with Brie Bella has taken the General Manager of SmackDown away from WWE. Of course, it is much more important for Bryan to be with his family right now, but there is some curiosity regarding his return to WWE programming in the near future. Unfortunately, there isn’t a timetable for his WWE return.

It’s being reported that there is no return date set for Daniel Bryan’s return to WWE programming. A lot of people are assuming he will be back on SmackDown Live after the WWE Money in the Bank PPV. However, that isn’t confirmed. Shane McMahon has been able to cover for Bryan over the past several weeks, but the WWE Universe wants to know how much longer it will be before SmackDown’s General Manager returns.

There has been some speculation about WWE officials eventually replacing Daniel Bryan the same way that Mick Foley was replaced on Raw. Bryan wasn’t written off WWE television. Instead, he sort of disappeared, but the WWE Universe know why he’s been absent. However, the anticipation is building for Bryan to make his return to SmackDown Live. Mostly, the fans miss his presence on SmackDown Live every week.

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan Just Had Their First Child A Few Weeks Ago
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An authority role is a staple of WWE programming, but it is mainly there every week to make matches and to add additional hype to the big matches heading into the next PPV. Daniel Bryan excels in the role because he has such a unique connection with the WWE Universe. He’s been able to translate that in mini feuds with Alexa Bliss or The Miz to give them a little bit more heat and help them get a little more over with the fans.

His hiatus from WWE television has taken that away from SmackDown Live, but he’s only been absent for a few weeks. Daniel Bryan has also started his family, so it’s more important than anything that is happening on WWE television. The fans still adore him. Obviously, they would like him back on SmackDown as soon as possible, but it’s understandable that his family time is his priority over setting up matches on television.

As good as Daniel Bryan is in the General Manager role, the fans know that he is chomping at the bit to get back into the ring to wrestle. He fought tooth and nail to do it inside a WWE ring, but WWE officials didn’t allow him to put his health at risk. Bryan’s contract is up next summer, which means there could be a huge comeback for him outside of WWE. The fans need to wait for now, but that could be a huge game changer.

Daniel Bryan May Be Fired By Shane McMahon Soon
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For now, Daniel Bryan remains loyal to WWE. The fans are enjoying him as an authority figure, which is an ironic turn of events considering he became such an anti-authority figure at the height of his run. However, there are only so many roles open to performers who can’t step into the ring. In the near future, Brie Bella is preparing for a return to the ring herself, which could be an interesting storyline that will involve Bryan too.

When it comes to Daniel Bryan as an on-screen character, the WWE Universe will take as much as they can get from him. With his contract expiring, a lot can happen in a year’s time. Until then, WWE fans are happy for Brie and Bryan as they care for their first child, but they will be even happier when they get back into a WWE ring to entertain as only they can.

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