Jeremy Patterson: Utah Bodybuilder Kills Married Woman, Memorez Rackley, Son – Instagram Threat, Steroid Rage?

Jeremy Patterson, an NPC bodybuilder out of Utah, is getting attention for killing Memorez Rackley and her son. As reported by Heavy, Jeremy killed Rackley and her son, Jase, and wounded two other children before turning the gun on himself and killing himself. The 32-year-old Jeremy, out of Draper, Utah, was an amateur bodybuilder. With photos of Patterson’s muscular body in his Facebook profile and as the avatar of his private Instagram account, thoughts of Jeremy’s actions naturally turn to questions of “roid rage” and steroid abuse.

As reported by , an anchor-reporter at KUTV, Channel 2 in Salt Lake City, Brian’s sister would not divulge whether or not Jeremy took steroids that might have played a role in Patterson’s decision to ram the SUV Memorez and children rode in, with an unnamed “Good Samaritan” driving, as Jeremy opened fire on the occupants.

“Woman who identified herself as sister of Sandy shooter Jeremy Patterson: ‘He was a great guy. He would not normally do this.’ I asked sister of Sandy shooter Jeremy Patterson if steroids might have been factor. She politely replied, ‘That’s all I’m going to say.'”

Jeremy’s Instagram page is private, but Heavy shows screenshots of posts on the jp_aesthetics85 Instagram account which show Patterson’s rage.

“My ex thinks she can control even when we aren’t together!!! F*** you!!! Let the games begin b****!!”

The jp_aesthetics85 Instagram account has currently published more than 300 posts and has more than 900 followers, with Jeremy highlighting his IFBB Pro coach and fitness mentor in terms of posing in his description. The latter’s Instagram account is not at the handle it once was. However, with Jeremy describing himself as a “NQ Npc Men’s Physique Competitor,” which means a nationally qualified NPC competitor in the largest national amateur bodybuilding organization, it’s interesting to see the NPC scrubbing Jeremy from their website.

The photos of Patterson from the 2017 NPC Salt City Show Down can still be seen via Google Images, and Jeremy’s results can be seen via the HGH Blog. According to those results, Jeremy finished in second place in the Novice Class B men’s physique category and finished in the top five of Class B in the men’s physique category. It’s not a bad showing at all for someone who was new enough to bodybuilding to compete in a novice class.

However, Jeremy’s results have been scrubbed from the NPC website, with the 2017 NPC Salt City Show Down results showing Jeremy’s name missing in the positions where it once was. It is a common practice for high-profile controversy to cause a person like Patterson to be disqualified from an organization like the NPC that might want to distance itself from Jeremy’s actions.

The Jeremy Patterson Facebook page is getting plenty of comments as well, with photos of Patterson in his bodybuilding regalia drawing backlash over his actions, and thoughts about his victims in the tragic shooting in Sandy, Utah.

A GoFundMe page named “Rally around the Rackley’s” has drawn $18,570 of its $50,000 goal as of this writing.

Rackley was 39 years of age when she was gunned down with her children, and lots of comments show sympathy for her 40-year-old husband, Dustin Rackley. Jeremy had some sort of relationship with the married mom, but authorities are still uncovering the nature of the relationship, according to Sandy Police.

As seen in the above screenshot, Jeremy ranted about Memorez keeping him a secret, and posted on Instagram that he loved Rackley.

Comments being left on Patterson’s Facebook page can be read in part below.

“This 1 man killed a 5 yr old and his mom, and attempted to kill an 8 & 9 yr old…I got to drop my kids off to school with armed security everywhere to make them feel safe….This poor husband! I cannot begin to fathom his world right now.”

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