Kate Middleton Motherhood: Set On Raising Her Children Her Own Way

The Duchess of Cambridge is always in the spotlight as an advocate for supporting those suffering from mental illness, being a fashionista, and as a mother to be admired. The beauty has also reportedly done her part to keep her husband’s late mother’s legacy alive by pushing the boundaries.

Kate and Prince William have made it no secret that they seek to raise their little ones, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as “normally” as possible. Recently, Middleton has been rumored to have made it known that she intends to continue raising her children her own way despite the royal rules and regulations.

In the early years of their marriage, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge insisted on living away from the palace in London, and instead, they have carried on a quiet life in the country at their Anmer Hall estate in Norfolk. However, the time has come for the duke and duchess to begin taking on more royal responsibilities from the aging queen, which means they are now preparing to move to Kensington Palace in the fall. To make the palace comfortable and safe for their children, Will and Kate have begun major renovations, including adding a massive hedge so that George and Charlotte can play in the yard without passersby looking on.

Rumors are swirling which state that Middleton is planning to make their own apartment at the palace far removed from the rest of residents, and the duchess is insisting that royal rules and decorum not be forced on her children. AOL shared the supposed intentions of Kate by way of an insider.

“The Duchess of Cambridge is ever the perfect princess whenever she’s seen out and about at public appearances, but reports say she’s ‘keeping stuffy ­royal protocol far from their apartment at Kensington Palace. They might look like perfect tots in photos. But at home they play in the mud, fall off their ponies, and have screaming tantrums.'”

The publication goes on to remind of an apparent tantrum that was thrown by George at his Aunt Pippa’s wedding, recently. Kate was seen “disciplining the children” without a second thought to how onlookers would interpret her parenting style.

Not long after, Middleton was criticized for allegedly allowing Prince George to ride in a car without a seat belt. Being in the public eye so consistently and under the microscope of royal watchers cannot be easy for a stunner who was brought up in a middle-class household, yet Middleton has certainly adapted remarkably well and wears all the necessary hats with purpose and elegance.

Middleton has been praised for her decision to be independent of the royal lifestyle that she is surrounded by. It has been said that Kate will even be responsible for driving George to school each day and picking him up, and who could forget when Middleton drove herself to her Vogue cover shoot last year and even did her own makeup for the shoot? Kate is reportedly fully intent on raising her children to be responsible for themselves and to not rely on everything being done for them or handed to them due to their royal upbringing.

Radar Online shares words of a source regarding Kate’s parenting style thus far.

“Kate has kept her babies out of the public eye as much as possible. They have absolutely no idea that they’re royals. They might look like perfect tots in photos, but at home they play in the mud, fall off their ponies and have screaming tantrums! It would absolutely horrify Elizabeth. But Kate insists the kids should be allowed to be normal children. Never in royal history have the children in direct line to the throne been raised in such a modern way.”

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