Jenelle Evans Slammed By Fans For Parenting Decision

Jenelle Evans is no stranger to controversy, and was recently slammed for a rather innocuous parenting decision. The Teen Mom 2 star recently underwent a very stressful custody battle with her mother, Barbara, over her eldest son, Jace. Jenelle gave up custody of her son shortly after his birth due to her inability to parent him properly because of her substance abuse issues.

The Teen Mom 2 star, however, didn’t get the outcome she was hoping for. Instead, she was given visitation rights, similar to that of divorced parents. While she didn’t get Jace back, full-time, she now has the right to have him over at specified intervals, which she did not have before. Previously, Jenelle Evans was given her son only if Barbara said she felt it was the right time. Jenelle had also accused Barbara of hiding Jace from her or not giving him to her out of spite. However, this new arrangement makes that legally impossible.

She recently revealed to E! News that their reunion was “amazing,” despite being nervous that Jace might act differently around her or not know what to say to his mother. But Jenelle Evans revealed that they were able to get back on track without a hitch.

Jenelle Evans has stated that she will be revisiting the issue as soon as possible and try to gain full custodianship in the future.

In other custody issues in her life, her fiancé, David Eason, was recently granted full custody of his daughter, Maryssa. He was granted temporary emergency custody of her a few months ago, but her mother is still very much in her life, according to inside sources. However, Maryssa’s mother has accused Jenelle Evans of punishing her daughter in unnecessarily harsh ways and has stated that Maryssa is afraid of Jenelle, which seems like social media feud nonsense–especially since Eason won full custody of her with Jenelle in the house.

Jenelle Evans is also duking it out with ex, Nathan Griffith, over their toddler, Kaiser. In an episode of Teen Mom OG, Nathan wrote to Jenelle telling her he was planning on moving to the United Kingdom and that he wanted to sign over custody of Kaiser. However, now the pair seem to be attempting to each gain full custody of him, and Jenelle Evans was recently slammed for her decision to keep him in diapers.

The mom of three photographed Jace and Kaiser sitting outside in a wagon, Kaiser clad only in a diaper. Kaiser was sitting in the wagon, which seems to also function as a sandbox, and the brothers were playing together.

Jenelle Evans received backlash because her toddler son was still in diapers, when many commenters felt he was far too old to not know how to use the toilet properly.

“They are stay at home parents, training should be easy with consistency. Usually it’s the parents that aren’t ready, the kids are! LOL” one commenter wrote to Jenelle Evans.

“My doctor told me kids should be successfully potty trained by 2 otherwise they have a harder time adapting,” another commenter wrote.

However, others rushed to Jenelle’s side to defend the young mom.

“Everyone is concerned because everyone thinks they know best. My daughter was the same. Some kids are harder to train than others. As long as the child is happy and healthy. Those people probably don’t even have kids,” one wrote.

Others also praised Jenelle Evans for how far she’s come since her 16 & Pregnant episode when she would leave Jace behind to go party. The reality TV star is now settled down, engaged, and recently welcomed daughter, Ensley to her family.

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