‘Big Brother: After Dark’ Returns: ‘Big Brother 19’ Cast Members Get Extra Television Coverage In 2017

Big Brother: After Dark is returning for another season. The extension of the CBS reality competition show will provide extra television coverage for the Big Brother 19 cast this summer. It will also give fans of the show who don’t subscribe to the live feeds a chance to see the new houseguests outside of the typical CBS episodes.

A confirmation was posted to Twitter, bringing another season of Big Brother: After Dark to PopTV. The nightly program gives a look at what takes place outside of the schedule on CBS while providing unscripted access to the houseguests. This will be a big deal for the Big Brother 19 cast members as it will give fans a better chance to get to know them outside of the scripted hours.

What Day Does Big Brother: After Dark Begin For the Big Brother 19 Cast?

The first 2017 episode of Big Brother: After Dark will take place on the evening of June 29. This means it is following the second Big Brother 19 episode of the season on that Thursday with its typical late-night time slot intact. PopTV should begin airing the footage at 12 a.m. PT/ET and run it for two hours, similar to how Big Brother 18 was presented.

While the East Coast version is usually live footage of what is taking place on the CBS live feeds, the West Coast version will continue to be tape-delayed footage. As usual, all of the footage can be viewed online by subscribers to the live feeds, but the Big Brother: After Dark television footage is intended to give non-subscribers a chance to see inside the BB19 house.

Why Is There A Late Start For The Big Brother: After Dark Episodes This Season?

The Big Brother 19 live feeds won’t get turned on until after the second episode airs on June 29. This is intended to allow CBS viewers to catch up on what has been taking place inside the BB19 house and to ensure that viewers continue to tune in rather than relying entirely on the live feeds for information. It also limits the number of Big Brother 19 spoilers that could get posted and potentially distract viewers.

When the Big Brother 19 season premiere airs on June 28, the BB19 cast will have already been in the house for several days. This gives the production team a chance to put together the first two episodes using footage that had been pre-taped. Since the footage used on Big Brother: After Dark comes directly from those live feeds, it wouldn’t make sense to give PopTV more footage than CBS viewers will be receiving.

When Are Big Brother 19 Cast Members Revealed To CBS Viewers?

There are a lot of theories about when the list of Big Brother 19 cast members is finally going to get released, but the official answer is that it is still a mystery. The production team, casting director Robyn Kass, host Julie Chen, and CBS have all been very careful not to reveal too much information about how Big Brother season 19 is going to work. The theme, the cast list, and even whether or not returning houseguests will play a part are still well-kept secrets.

Placing an educated guess on when the BB19 cast will get revealed, it should become public within the next two weeks. When Big Brother 18 was getting close during summer 2016, online bios and videos were revealed for the 12 new houseguests. Though there were some Big Brother 18 spoilers that leaked the twist of four returning houseguests, production never confirmed the entire cast until the season premiere finally rolled around.

Big Brother 19 Schedule And Some Advice From Evel Dick

The Big Brother 19 schedule begins with a two-hour season premiere on June 28 and a follow-up episode on June 29. Then, the program will settle into its familiar presentation of Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night episodes. Sundays will likely reveal the weekly nominations for eviction, Wednesdays will showcase the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony, and on Thursdays, CBS will have the Eviction Ceremony and Head of Household (HOH) Competitions.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the former houseguest and Big Brother 8 winner, Evel Dick Donato, has some advice for prospective Big Brother 19 cast members. It gives an interesting perspective from a former houseguest who had a lot of success on the show. He also gives some great tips on how the BB19 cast members should deal with being on the live feeds, as well as when they have to appear nightly on Big Brother: After Dark.

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