Amy Roloff’s Boyfriend Admits To Doubts In Their Relationship

Amy Roloff has a new boyfriend since her split from Matt, and it seems like things are pretty serious between them. He has been seen on Little People, Big World, and now it turns out that he has had some doubts about their relationship. Fans are wondering if Amy and Chris Marek aren’t going to last. Radar Online shared the details about what is going on with these two.

Last night on a new episode of Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff revealed that she isn’t always secure about her relationship with Matt.

Amy said, “When we’re out in public, I know people look. Has it ever bothered him? I just hope my being a little person isn’t an issue in regards to my relationship with Chris. Because if it is, let’s get it out and let’s go from there.”

Amy admits that she does lack confidence, and she worries about what people think when they are out and about in public. When she was with Matt, they were both little people, so it probably didn’t make her think about it nearly as much.

Amy Roloff wasn’t shy and actually asked Chris his thoughts on this subject. He admitted that he has seen people laugh a bit when they see them out together. He explained that it caused him to have doubts in the past.

He said, “Those thoughts came up initially because it was very different for me. But we’re well past that now. It doesn’t bother me. When I see someone snickering or laughing, to me, it shows their ignorance. I really don’t care what they think anyway.”

It sounds like Chris has moved past any concerns over being with a little person. This probably took him a little bit of time to get used to.

It sounds like Chris Marek has moved on from having these doubts and he is very comfortable with his relationship with Amy Roloff. These two have been together for a while now, and the relationship seems pretty serious. Only time will tell if they will end up getting married or taking their relationship to the next level. Amy does seem very serious about him and is constantly sharing pictures of the two together on social media.

OK! Magazine shared back in March that Amy Roloff had already introduced her kids to Chris Marek. Her children are older, so it wasn’t quite as hard as if she still had little ones at home. Chris is a real estate broker in Portland, Oregon. At this time, Chris has met all of Amy’s kids except for Molly, and that is simply because of how far away she lives. It may have actually happened by now.

Matt Roloff is now dating someone new as well: Caryn Chandler. She has worked at the Roloff farm for a while as the manager. Amy was a bit shocked when this news came out, but things seem to be going great between them. The kids already knew Caryn due to the job that she had at the farm, so it might have made that transition a bit easier. Everyone was shocked when Matt and Amy Roloff revealed they were getting a divorce, but that shock has started to wear off, and they are getting used to the idea now.

Are you shocked to hear that Chris Marek had doubts about his relationship with Amy Roloff? Do you think that these two will last? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Little People, Big World on TLC. The show is the best place to get updates on the entire family and how they are doing now.

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