Daphne Oz, ‘The Chew’ Co-Host, Pregnant Again! Dr. Oz’s Daughter Talks Baby And Weight Loss

Daphne Oz has delighted viewers of The Chew in the past few years by sharing details about her children. She’s occasionally gotten help from her famous dad, Dr. Oz, who loves gushing about his grandchildren while his daughter indulgently listens. Now Daphne is making Oz a grandfather once more, dishing up the news that she’s pregnant again with her third baby. And to inform her fans about the news of her pregnancy, Daphne chose to reveal the bun in her oven on her cooking show. But when it came to whether Oz is expecting a boy or a girl, she chose Instagram to share the exciting news.

The co-hosts conspired on ABC’s The Chew to help Daphne dish up her news by playing a game. The game involved making statements that might take place at a summer party, then interpreting their real meaning, giving Oz the chance to reveal her pregnancy, reported E! News.

“That sangria looks so good, but I’m on a cleanse this week,” said Oz when it was her turn.

“Essentially, ‘I’m pregnant.’ But really—I’m pregnant!”

Co-hosts Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, and Michael Symon rushed to offer congratulations to the soon-to-be mom of three. Amid the hugs and cheers, it was Hall who claimed to have predicted Daphne’s baby bump.

“I knew it! I knew it!” exclaimed Carla.

The Chew cheered the news of Oz’s pregnancy on Twitter after the announcement was made.

Oz followed up her live TV announcement by turning to her Instagram to post a picture of herself kissing her husband, John Jovanovic. She also revealed whether it was a boy or a girl, along with predicting that her other children will be good siblings to the new baby.

“Philo and JJ will be the best big siblings!! I know lots of you guessed, and I could not wait to tell you!! Exciting times ahead!” wrote Daphne before revealing the baby’s gender.

“Party of 5!! John and I are overjoyed to be adding to our family with a baby girl later this winter.”

Oz tied the knot in 2010. Four years later, in February of 2014, Daphne and John welcomed a daughter, Philomena “Philo” Bijou Jovanovic. Little “Philo” soon had company, with her brother Jovan Jr. — nicknamed “John-John” — arriving in October of 2015.

Daphne Oz revealed her third pregnancy on “The Chew,” with co-hosts, including Carla Hall, hugging her. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for People Magazine]

As part of her role on The Chew, Daphne has become known for serving up the lighter side of the food world, discussing how to lose weight without feeling deprived. She also recently used her Instagram to promise her fans more healthy lifestyle tips, along with a bathing suit photo that gave away that baby bump.

“Top bun AND a bottom bun CONGRATS,” wrote one fan, referring to Daphne’s hair bun and baby bun in the oven.

Fans responded in a positive way to Daphne’s revealing bathing suit photo, but Oz has also emphasized the importance of having a positive attitude about her body. She told Page Six that there’s a fine line between feeling good about her body at any size and achieving a healthy weight.

Oz explained that she wants to be a good role model for her daughter when it comes to her diet and her self-image.

“It’s not that I’m modeling a size zero body but I’m just trying to be happy in my skin and trying to show that to my daughter especially.”

Consequently, Daphne has a goal of providing her daughter, Philo, with a role model for “wanting to make good choices when I can.” However, she doesn’t want to become so obsessive about her diet that she forgets about having fun, noting that she wants to show Philo how to eat right while “ultimately having a good time.”

Daphne Oz is expecting her third baby. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

As for how her famous father, host of The Dr. Oz Show, feels about being a grandfather, he loves spoiling Daphne’s babies, according to People.

“They know they can get anything they want from me!” confessed Dr. Oz. “I spoil them with toys.”

And he’s always ready to babysit, volunteering anytime Daphne needs to travel for The Chew.

“We kidnap the children and bring them back to New Jersey,” joked Dr. Oz. “It’s the best!”

Just like her father, Daphne is passionate about following a healthy lifestyle. Earlier this year, she shared her commitment to health and wellness, posting details on her exercise plan and diet along with photos of herself in bathing suits. While Daphne’s attempt to help all women feel confident at any size was praised by fans, one person criticized Oz’s revealing swimsuit pictures, noted E! News.

Daphne fought right back, urging her fans to ignore the attack.

“I feel like we can all probably guess the sad, lonely person hiding behind the screen. let’s not give her any of the attention she craves,” wrote Oz.

In another post, Daphne shared her hopes that her photos could help all of her fans, regardless of whether they wanted to lose weight. She received thanks from her followers.

“I love you, you look amazing and help all us mama’s out there FEEL amazing!!!” responded one fan.

[Featured Image by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]

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