Fredrik Eklund Slammed For Teaming Up With Bethenny Frankel: Fans Worry She Will Change Him

Fredrik Eklund has found tremendous success in filming Million Dollar Listing: New York over the past six seasons. Fans have fallen in love with him and he has managed to build a huge real-estate empire for himself and his family. He has shared his struggles with becoming a father with fans of the show, and he invited everyone to his wedding during the show’s third season. In fact, Eklund has rarely done anything wrong, which means he has some loyal fans who will support him no matter what. But when Fredrik announced that he would be filming a second Bravo show with Bethenny Frankel, feelings were mixed. Apparently, people are not too pleased with their friendship.

According to a new Facebook post, Fredrik Eklund is now being slammed for teaming up with Bethenny Frankel for their new show. Apparently, people who watch Million Dollar Listing: New York are not really fans of Bethenny and based on his Facebook post, it sounds like people are disappointed that he has chosen to team up with her. While Eklund merely promoted the show on his Facebook page, people had some negative reactions to their new show.

“Buckle up! “Fredrik & Bethenny Flip Manhattan”,” Fredrik Eklund revealed on Facebook, possibly teasing that the show had gotten a new name.

The show had previously been called Keeping It Real Estate – at least that was the working title. But based on Eklund’s Facebook post, it sounds like the show’s name may have been changed. But people weren’t too hung up on the name. Instead, they wanted him to reconsider working with Frankel.

“Frederick, please don’t let nasty Bethany change your great personality. I wish I could watch, but I can’t stand Bethany for even a minute,” one person replied to Fredrik Eklund, hinting that he should have teamed up with someone else, while another person begged him to find someone else, adding, “Frederick you couldn’t have picked anybody else? She’s such a loudmouth know it all well she thinks she “knows it all”! You are better than that WHY her???? I think you are great now I am forced to watch you AND Miss Nasty!!! UGH Fredrick!!”

In fact, many people had plenty of negative things to say about this duo, even though Fredrik Eklund and Bethenny have been friends for years. They have worked together several times and this show will surely be interesting to watch. However, people are worried that Bethenny is going to change the happy Fredrik, as she tends to cry a lot on The Real Housewives of New York.

“UGH!!! Bethenny is going to be crying and playing the damn victim in the entire show,” one person pointed out about Frankel, who has spent plenty of time crying on The Real Housewives of New York over her divorce from Jason Hoppy, while another person thought he should pick someone else to film with, writing on Facebook, “Oh Fredrik you can do so much better. Show me your company…and I’ll tell you what you are. Bethany will bring you down.”

“Please make Bethany go away and feature more Derek. You do not need her. She drags you down. You are the star that doesn’t need help shining from anyone,” one person aggressively wrote on Facebook, revealing that the show may be more popular if Fredrik Eklund was only filming with his husband, who makes rare appearances on Million Dollar Listing: New York.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s Facebook post and the negative reactions he’s facing because of his new show with Bethenny Frankel? Do you think these two will make a great team or do you think he would find more success if he teamed up with someone else?

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