‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Leaked Cast Descriptions Give A Preview Of The ‘BB19’ Season

Big Brother 19 spoilers are starting to roll in with three weeks to go until premiere night. CBS should release the official cast’s names in about two weeks.

A few days ago, Twitter user @AubramarieBB posted the leaked casting descriptions that seemed to be accurate. At first glance, it looked exactly like what Big Brother 19 was looking for. It didn’t have any returning players on the list, and if the descriptions are right, BB19 may be the best season in years.

Casting Descriptions

Big Brother 19 fans want to see people who will actually play the game. They don’t want to see individuals who have played the game multiple times, nor people who have never seen one Big Brother episode.

The casting leak descriptions are as follows.

  1. A former college hockey player
  2. Someone who went to Texas A&M
  3. A feminist who claims to do a lot of charity work
  4. An Instagram model
  5. A 40-something year old with bad grammar
  6. Someone who doesn’t know the game
  7. A Trump supporter
  8. The dad of a former player
  9. Someone from Jersey
  10. A model/pharma salesperson
  11. A hipster with a beard
  12. A reject from The Bachelor who is only interested in romance
  13. A super fan with glasses
  14. Someone who works at a pet store
  15. Someone with a daughter
  16. A former Survivor player

Rumors Swirl That Cirie Fields Joined The Cast

Big Brother 19 rumors have been saying for a few weeks that Cirie Fields, who is a Survivor legend, joined the cast. Fields would do well on Big Brother, but many felt that three months might be too long for her to stay away from her family.

Other Survivor names that have been tossed around were Ozzy Lusth, Zeke Smith, and Malcolm Freberg.

Trump Supporter

Everyone expected CBS to cast either an extremely liberal or a Trump supporter on Big Brother this season. It will cause drama and friction with the rest of the cast. Apparently, this houseguest posted a series of questionable tweets that could end up going viral after the cast reveal.

Bachelor Reject Only Interested In Romance

The idea of a Bachelor reject on Big Brother 19 is interesting, to say the least, especially knowing that the cast member will not be interested in the grand prize. The individual will only have romance on their mind. Usually, Big Brother fans hate showmances, but a former Bachelor contestant might be entertaining.

Is The Casting Description Real?

There is some speculation that Devon Shepherd could make a return to Big Brother this season. It’s likely that he is the houseguest that has a daughter.

The cast descriptions could make a great season. The people listed seem like they will clash for some drama and possibly form unlikely alliances.

Of course, there is the possibility that this list is not correct. If that’s the case, we’ll find out in two weeks when CBS reveals the cast on CBS All Access. The user who leaked the casting descriptions, @AubramarieBB, leaked the casting descriptions last year for Big Brother 18 accurately.

Julie Chen and Robyn Kass have both promised that Big Brother 19 won’t disappoint the fans. BB19 fans do not have much faith in either Chen or Kass after the past few seasons.

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Big Brother 19 fans, do you think the above casting description list is real? Who do you think is the dad of a former player? Which Survivor player joined the cast?

Big Brother 19 returns June 28 with a two-hour premiere episode on CBS.

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