Liam Payne Boasts That Baby Son Is A Good Sleeper, Takes Subtle Swipe At Zayn Malik

Liam Payne hasn’t slept much lately, but it’s because he has been “out partying.” The former One Direction band member revealed details of parenthood with girlfriend Cheryl Cole and didn’t shy away from taking a subtle swipe at Zayn Malik for leaving 1D.

Liam Payne looked relaxed and in a good mood when he attended the Glamour Women of the Year Awards on Tuesday – something no one can expect from a father of an 11-week-old boy. Especially given that it’s Payne’s first experience being a father.

Speaking on the red carpet, Liam Payne credited his girlfriend Cheryl for his rested and relaxed look by thanking her for getting their son Bear, 11-weeks-old, in “a sleeping pattern” already, according to Hello magazine.

Liam Payne, 23-years-old, praised his girlfriend Cheryl, 33-years-old, for whom it’s also the first experience with parenthood, for being “the best mum in the world” and couldn’t stop gushing over her as he said he “couldn’t have picked a better woman” to have a baby with.

Thanking Cheryl for getting Bear in a sleeping pattern and thus allowing them to sleep seven hours a night, Liam Payne complained about people poking fun at the bags under his eyes and saying that he doesn’t sleep much.

Well, that’s because Liam Payne has been “out partying” much, the former One Direction member revealed. While it’s obviously a joke and Payne has been committed to parenthood, the singer admits that being a father is “the craziest thing ever.”

Bear may have been born in the family of one of the most beautiful humans in the world – Liam Payne and Cheryl – but he can be “grumpy” sometimes. This was the case on Tuesday, just hours before the former 1D group member attended the Glamour awards show.

“It’s the first time he’s looked at me and said, ‘Daddy please help’ and I didn’t really know what to do.”

Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole before the birth of their baby, had no idea what parenthood would really be like. [Image by KGC-305/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]

But apparently Cheryl knew what to do with Bear, so they got him in the bath, and even though the 11-week-old was “having a bit of pain,” he was “super chill” about it, gushed Liam Payne.

Liam Payne, who’s often away from home (not because he’s partying, because he’s been busy promoting his new single and working on a new album), says being home is “great,” mainly because he’s back for bath time.

Although Liam Payne is busy working on his debut solo album, he does treasure the time spent with his son Bear and Cheryl, whom he adorably refers to as “my missus.”

Liam Payne, who welcomed son Bear in March, was even inspired by his newborn’s heartbeat and used it in one of his singles!

“Just before Bear was born we took his heartbeat and used it in a song, his heartbeat is somewhere on the record.”

But family was not the only thing on Liam Payne’s mind during his appearance at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, as the former One Direction singer also took a subtle swipe at Zayn Malik for leaving the hit British boy band in 2015.

Liam Payne smugly brags that his baby boy is an excellent sleeper. [Image by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]

As Liam Payne took the stage of the awards show to present television late night talk show host James Corden with the Man Of The Year award, he joked that Zayn Malik “might have stayed” if One Direction had a slogan, according to the Daily Mail.

Zayn Malik leaving One Direction in March 2015 after five years of working on music with Liam Payne and the rest of the boys reportedly triggered conflicts among the former bandmates.

And Liam Payne’s cheeky comment about Zayn Malik may have just added more fuel to the One Direction feud.

[Featured Image by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]

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