Is Blac Chyna Dating Someone New? Rob Kardashian’s Baby Mama Spotted With A Mystery Man [Debunked]

Blac Chyna dating rumors may have just been confirmed as the American model flaunts a man dubbed as her new “bae” in front of the paparazzi as they leave Argyle on Monday night.

Or maybe not.

Days after news broke about Rob Kardashian’s rumored fake relationship emerged online, his on-again/off-again fiancée Blac Chyna is now the talk of town after telling the press outright that she is dating the man she was seen with on Monday evening.

During the encounter with TMZ reporters, the 29-year-old mother-of-two told reporters that she is dating the mystery man with her that night.

However, the outlet is under the impression that the model-entrepreneur was being sarcastic about what she said.

Based on the report, the man seen with her that night was actually her longtime hairstylist, debunking Blac Chyna dating speculations before it even began.

Meanwhile, what Radar Online noticed in all that commotion was her outfit—or at least, what it is lacking. According to the outlet, Blac Chyna was rocking a denim dress that is hardly sufficient to cover her breasts. The lack of brassiere underneath the clothing caused a nip slip, says the outlet.

On top of that, Radar speculated that the way she carried herself and her post-baby body was a bit like a Kardashian although she may already be out of the family after the “violent brawl” with her baby daddy, Rob Kardashian.

Based on the outlet’s analysis, Blac Chyna dating rumors that barely started may actually be a part of her way to make Rob jealous and to somehow exact her revenge after news about his fake relationship with Mehgan James emerged as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

According to the report, James allegedly planted the fake relationship rumors with Rob Kardashian to gain fame, something the Bad Girl’s Club star denied on her social media account.

On top of that, Rob’s rumored “new girl” who is no stranger to reality TV also expressed her thoughts about social media bullying and how the news of her supposed made-up fling with Blac Chyna’s ex makes her the villain of the story.

Just before Blac Chyna dating revenge came out, the 30-year-old MTV star denied the rumors and even claimed that he “never even met her or heard of her before.”

Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight Canada quoted Mehgan’s full statement on her Instagram account which appears to have been deleted as of the writing of this article.

“Okay look, this is getting ridiculous! And the fact that it’s Monday and y’all are still talking about this is beyond me,” the reality TV star wrote.

“I did not fake anything. Like I said I never confirmed that I was dating Rob. Anyone that asked I told them it was not true and not to mention, the media is trying to make me look like the villain here when they are the ones who pieced together a story with no receipts.”

She also suggested that only an idiot would try and fake a relationship alone. Speaking of allegations that she is seeking fame, she said: “I’ve been working in entertainment since I was 18. I’ve done a multitude of TV shows as well as a couple films.”

“Oh wait, I have a college degree and am a vendor for one of the most popular clothing companies online right now so for fame? Ya’ll are reaching!”

Rob and Blac Chyna dating history has proven to be quite messy business. Of course, that makes perfect sense considering that they have been stars of a reality show that basically runs on their drama.

Do you have any opinion on this matter? Sound off below while we keep you updated should more Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna dating rumors emerge.

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