iPhone 8: Five Teased Features To Look Forward To, Courtesy Of Massive Foxconn Leak

The iPhone 8 is coming within the next few months, and though details about the device have not been released by the Cupertino-based tech giant, numerous leaks about the upcoming flagship smartphone have been emerging in a steady stream for a while now. Recently, a number of verified Foxconn employees even held an AMA, confirming what seems to be the final feature set of the iPhone 8. Needless to say, the brief Reddit session painted a picture of a smartphone that has a number of trump cards against the competition.

The Foxconn leakers, who work for a supply chain from China, have gone on the social platform to shed light on a number of upcoming Apple product launches. According to the Foxconn insiders during the Reddit AMA session, however, the information that they have about the iPhone 8 only correspond to the device’s design prior to the Chinese Lunar New Year. Nevertheless, the supply chain leakers have stated that the final iteration of the upcoming flagship would likely be close to the information that they have shared.

With these in mind, here are five notable features that Apple fans could look forward to in the iPhone 8, as depicted in the recent Foxconn leak. If any, these capabilities would likely allow the iPhone 8 to overtake most of its competition in the mobile market this year, including Samsung’s excellent Galaxy S8.

The Foxconn leakers have confirmed that the iPhone 8 would feature an entirely new frame similar to those that have been leaked recently. According to the leakers, the prototypes that they have been privy to have never featured a TouchID sensor at the rear of the device, though the Foxconn employees also stated that the yield rates of iPhone 8 devices with embedded TouchID sensors are quite low. If any, the leakers have confirmed that the iPhone 8 would indeed feature a stunning screen to body ratio, which would result in a device that is far sleeker than the Galaxy S8.

Apple is coming in pretty late into the wireless charging game, but it appears that the iPhone 8 would finally debut the long-requested feature, according to a Forbes report. While the production units of the iPhone 8 would not feature long-range wireless charging capabilities as initially rumored, the addition of the popular feature would most definitely be appreciated by iPhone fans worldwide.

One thing that has caught the eye of many Apple fans was the mention of front camera modules in the iPhone 8. While a front camera has always been expected in the flagship, the Foxconn leakers referred to the sensors of the device in plural form. With these statements in mind, many Apple fans looking forward to the iPhone 8 are speculating that the Cupertino-based tech giant might equip the upcoming flagship with dual sensors on the front of the device. This would likely allow the device to capture high-quality images from the front cameras, as well as improve the smartphone’s AR capabilities.

Apple has been pretty open in the past about its dedication to AR. In the company’s recently held WWDC 2017, the Cupertino-based tech giant debuted the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and iOS 11, a device and mobile OS that are optimized for augmented reality. With this in mind, there is an excellent chance that the iPhone 8, Apple’s halo device for 2017, would also come with the advanced features. Apple might not have jumped on the mobile VR bandwagon, but from what could be determined from its recent releases in both the hardware and software front, it appears that the Cupertino-based tech giant is trailblazing the AR industry instead.

The Foxconn leakers have also stated that the iPhone 8 would feature fast charging capabilities. Just like wireless charging, Apple has mostly held out on fast-charging capabilities on its devices over the past few years. From what could be seen in the recent information leak, however, iPhone 8 users would finally be able to charge their devices in a much shorter period, allowing them to gain hours’ worth of battery life with just a few minutes of charging.

Whether the Foxconn leakers’ information proves accurate or not remains to be seen, but despite this, it is difficult not to get pretty hyped about the upcoming release of the iPhone 8. The device, after all, has been ten years in the making.

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