‘The White Princess’ Season 2 Not Happening, Jodie Comer Speaks Out

Fans of The White Princess will have to make do with just the one season. According to actress Jodie Comer, who plays Lizzie on the show, the episode on Sunday was the last ever episode. It is now available to view online to stream. She thanked everyone who watched the show, but made it clear that there are no plans for The White Princess Season 2 on Starz.

This isn’t surprising news for many fans. The show was an adaptation of the Philippa Gregory novel of the same name. The show took fans from start to finish of the novel, which doesn’t go into Lizzie’s loss of her son and her own death. It is a story about her finding love and respect in a man she never thought she could and making a choice to put her own life and children before her potential brother.

Fans will also remember that the co-adapted work The White Queen between Starz and British network BBC was also just one season. Both shows were dubbed mini-series, indicated that there would only be one season of the drama focused on Lizzie and Henry, heirs to the Houses of York and Lancaster.

Comer shared her thanks for fans of the limited series, saying that the final episode was available to stream. Her wording is precise, stating that it is the “last ever episode” of the series. There is no doubt that The White Princess Season 2 isn’t going to happen, even if fans would like to see it, according to TV Series Finale.

At one point there was some hope that Starz would deem the fanbase good enough to continue the series. Unfortunately, the ratings haven’t been the best, sitting at 0.21 in the demographic and dropping towards the end.

While Season 2 isn’t happening, this doesn’t mean there won’t be more stories to tell within Gregory’s world. The historical fiction writer has created numerous tales around this period. The White Queen adapted three novels, The White Queen, The Red Queen, and The Kingmaker’s Daughter, which told the stories of Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort, and Anne Neville.

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The White Princess only adapted one novel, focusing on Lizzie’s life. However, the next story to tell would potentially be The Constant Princess. This is the next in the series, covering the life of Catherine of Aragon, who was mentioned in the Starz series. Catherine goes on to marry Arthur but is more notably known as the first wife of six of Henry VIII of England.

Gregory also has novels focusing on Henry VIIII’s mistress Mary Boleyn and on his second wife’s sister in law Jane Parker. Each story could be adapted for more mini-series on the network. Starz could create a historical fiction anthology, similar to FX’s American Horror Story, taking fans through the Tudor and later Stuart dynasties of English history.

Starz did wait a few years to adapt The White Princess after the creation of its parent show, The White Queen. The latter was created in 2013 with the former released only just this year. Both shows also had a completely different cast, showing the amount of years that had passed from the start of The White Queen to the end of The White Princess. Fans may have to wait a few years for an adaptation of another Gregory novel.

For now, fans will just have to make do with rewatching The White Princess Season 1. Reign Season 4 is also still going for those who want to get their fix of pretty dresses, lustful storylines, and gruesome endings. Reign is set around half a century after The White Princess‘ end and concludes in two weeks.

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