Karen Huger Flashing Her Money To Make Herself Better Than Her ‘RHOP’ Co-Stars?

Karen Huger has been on The Real Housewives of Potomac since the beginning, and she has never hidden the fact that her husband has made lots of money. Karen sees herself as a traditional housewife. She cares for the home, takes care of the children, and she looks good for her husband. And yet, she’s now talking about her money and how her co-stars may be jealous of her life and her bank account. This is something that has come up thanks to her fight with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan on next week’s episode.

According to a new Bravo report, Karen Huger recently discussed the fight and is clearly on the offensive right from the beginning. She’s questioning Charrisse’s efforts, hinting that her co-star is trying to copy her. Huger also explains that she feels that Charrisse is obsessed with her life, perhaps to get away from her own troubles.

“I have been told that obsession is a form of flattery, however, Charrisse’s obsession with my life is very weird and her comment on the price of my home was so typical for her. Charrisse’s thoughts concerning my life are irrelevant, although everyone is entitled to their own opinion,” Karen Huger explained on her Bravo blog, revealing that she’s flattered that her Real Housewives of Potomac co-star is spending so much time on her life and not her own.

“If I were her though, I wouldn’t be so quick to throw stones at others given she has no idea how her finances will play out. Charrisse is quick to comment on how others are spending their money but she never talks about her own money. Is that because she’s worried about home, and if that she’s going to have to move out? And if she’s broke? Projection honey, maybe she should chat with her therapist about that,” Karen Huger explained to Bravo.

Of course, Jackson Jordan may be dealing with her own issues these days. It’s no secret that her marriage is falling apart, but she may be in denial about how much pain she has suffered in her marriage. Rather than talk about her own issues, Charrisse may be focusing on Karen Huger to avoid her own life, and this is something that Huger recognizes right away.

“Granted Charrisse is going through some things and probably feels she needs to have her hand in as many pots as she can to not deal with the fact that her husband has flown the coup and doesn’t want her anymore. Who knows…someone must have told her to stay busy, but one would think with positive things not drama,” Huger explained.

Of course, the drama will continue with Charrisse next week, but Karen Huger is clearly not happy about her co-star coming after her. The subtitles caught Karen saying she didn’t want “this mother**ker” coming after her and that she would essentially set her straight.

It does seem like a low blow for Karen Huger to point to Charrisse’s finances as a way of bringing her down. Of course, Jackson Jordan may be struggling financially, as she’s going through a divorce and may not have the money she had before. But this seems like such a low blow, and it seems like something she is just saying to kick her co-star while she’s down. It will be interesting to see how this fight will play out on the next episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

What do you think of Karen Huger’s comments in regards to her co-star, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan? Are you surprised that these two are feuding?

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