Fans Worry About Leah Messer Partying With Newly Single Sister, Victoria

Leah Messer of Teen Mom 2, was recently spotted partying hard with her newly single sister, Victoria. As Leah has been in rehab in the past for a mysterious drug addiction, fans are increasingly worried that this means Leah might have fallen off the wagon and is back to her old ways.

The reality TV star drove down to Nashville to visit Victoria after the news of her sister’s divorce broke. It seemed both girls had a babysitter, as they were out for a few evenings partying and drinking.

Leah Messer faced relapse accusations earlier this year when she posted photos of herself looking much thinner than usual.

“I sincerely hope you’re off the pills. Your children need you, and the last few months you’ve looked dangerously thin,” one fan wrote to her at the time.

Someone else wrote to Leah Messer, “Please take a look at yourself. Be realistic. In the beginning of the season you looked like you were on something, you still look like you’re on something.”

At that time, there was also speculation that Victoria was suffering from addiction issues as well, though this was never confirmed.

“Any idiot can see she’s high in every episode so far and she looks terrible. You battled an issue and seem to be doing great. She just had a baby and it doesn’t deserve to have a brand new mom high on pills! Help her!” one fan wrote of Victoria, as she just welcomed daughter Came in November of 2016.

Leah shared photos of the pair having a couple of wild nights out in Nashville over the weekend, both in her Snapchat story and via her Instagram.

Leah’s younger sister, Victoria, recently filed for divorce from husband, Brian Jones. The pair were married only two years ago, and as stated above, recently welcomed a young daughter.

It is unclear why the pair divorced, as Brian had recently written on Facebook all about his love for Victoria and their daughter, Cami, stating that they were both perfect. It seems he was blindsided by Victoria leaving him, or he posted his status as a last ditch effort to repair a broken relationship. Jones has appeared on Teen Mom 2 a couple of times, with the “Victoria’s husband” credit underneath his name.

Leah Messer, herself, has been unlucky in love, after divorcing high school sweetheart Corey Simms, whom she shares 7-year-old twins with, after just one year. She married Jeremy Calvert and had her daughter, Addie, but then the pair also parted ways in less than two years.

The young mom of three hasn’t been linked romantically to anyone in a while, as she has stated she is working on herself. She said she was thinking of going back to beauty school, but declined to do so because the hours would conflict with the time she got with her daughters. She later decided to enroll in West Virginia State University and said she was thinking of studying communications, though it is unclear if she is actually doing so.

Recently, rumors swirled that the Teen Mom 2 star and her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, were attempting to give things another go. The pair gave everyone something to talk about when she posted a photo of them hanging out at a bar together on Instagram. Jeremy, who recently split with fiancee, Brooke Wehr, insisted that the picture was totally innocent and that the two were just taking a picture for fun. He also said they ran into one another after a concert in their hometown and that they decided to snap the photo together.

However, many still believe Leah Messer and Calvert are keeping a romance on the down-low.

[Featured Image by Leah Messer/Instagram]

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