‘Arrow’ Season 6 Premiere Date, Spoiler Update: All Details About New Season

Arrow Season 6 premieres this fall on The CW. “Lian Yu,” the final episode of the recently concluded season, ended on a shocking, explosive note. And the new season of Arrow is likely to pick up from where it left off, and reveal who survived and who perished in the closing moments of the Season 5 finale.

In Arrow Season 5 finale, Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) offered Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) a difficult choice: sacrifice his son’s, William (Jack Moore), life and save his friends, or kill Chase and lose everyone dear to him, except his son. Oliver chose to shoot Chase in the leg with his arrow. But Chase ended his life by shooting himself in the head, which triggered a massive chain reaction of explosions on the island. Oliver could do nothing but watch Lian Yu go up in flames and become the burning death bed for all his friends, who were trapped on the island when the episode last showed them.

Before shooting himself, Chase told Oliver that he and his son had each other, which was good, but it was going to be lonely without Mom and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).

Your son has his father back, and he learned exactly who his father was just like you learned who your father was right here on these very same waters. William’s younger than you were, so he’s gonna be fine, you know and you have each other, which is good. Oliver, that’s good because it’s gonna be lonely without mom and Felicity.

The characters who may have perished on the island include Felicity, Diggle (David Ramsey), Thea (Willa Holland), Curtis (Echo Kellum), Lance (Paul Blackthorne), Nyssa (Katrina Law), Slade (Manu Bennett) and William’s mother, Samantha (Anna Hopkins). They all were on Lian Yu when it went up in flames. So even if some characters manage to survive, there is a big possibility that Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 may confirm the deaths of some.

Before the season finale, Wendy Mericle told Entertainment Weekly (EW) that they might lose some people in Arrow Season 5 finale.

Speaking of Arrow Season 6, the executive producer said that the new season’s premiere episode would address the questions how Oliver was going to start rebuilding and what would be his new legacy.

He also pointed out that Oliver was going to “have to start rebuilding because Chase has left pretty much everything in tatters.”

Moreover, Wendy Mericle said that they would introduce a new dynamic in Arrow Season 6.

We’re going to go out on a big cliffhanger, so that part is definitely going to be helping us galvanize the premiere. Because we’re closing such a big chapter, I think there are going to be some really new and exciting questions. What we’re really trying to do is set up a new dynamic in Season 6.

Along with Oliver and his son William, the characters who are confirmed to appear in Arrow Season 6 are Laurel’s doppelganger, Black Siren (Katie Cassidy), Rene (Rick Gonzalez) and Dinah ( Juliana Harkavy). All the three actors have been upped to series regulars for Season 6. Meanwhile, there are speculations that Thea might not come out of the island alive, as Holland was not seen much in Season 5. There is, however, no official word to confirm that.

Whoever survives and appears in Arrow Season 6 gets an opportunity to redefine himself or herself. Wendy Mericle told EW that the characters had to reflect how they were going to be the best heroes they could be.

We don’t have to service that backstory in the same way that we had to, so the way the show is written and broken is malleable at this point. By the same token, where all the characters are is an opportunity to redefine and for everybody to look back, reflect, and then start to look forward about where they want to go and where do they have the most impact in our lives? How are they going to be the best heroes they can be?

Arrow is moving from Wednesdays to Thursdays when it premieres this fall. Season 6 of the series might arrive in the first or second week of October — October 5 or October 12. Arrow dropped its first episode on October 10, 2o12, while Season 5 premiered on October 5, 2016.

Arrow writers announced Tuesday on Twitter that they had started working on Season 6.

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