‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season Premiere: What We Know So Far, And What We Can Expect On June 14

We’re literally just a few days away from the Alaskan Bush People season premiere, which, unfortunately for fans, will be the last one of its kind. And though we’ve covered the various rumors extensively on this site, we should take a look and see what we can expect from both the season premiere and the upcoming season.

According to Radar Online, one of the first things we’ll be seeing in the new season of Alaskan Bush People is the reaction of the family to the cancer diagnosis that Ami Brown, the matriarch, recently received. Apparently, it’s late-stage cancer, and it’s been pretty aggressive in its spreading, thus making Ami rather ill (and making her family very worried).

“Ami Brown is rumored in her local Alaska to have been diagnosed with cancer — and her estranged family could not be more devastated. Les Branson, who was abandoned by his little sister after she married the ‘controlling’ Billy Brown in their native Texas, claims he was told by friends in Alaska that the 53-year-old mother of seven is undergoing treatment in Los Angeles for cancer in the Discovery Channel reality show’s offseason.”

Let’s hope that Ami Brown gets better soon, because a cancer diagnosis is scary no matter who gets it.

Meanwhile, according to the Christian Post, there was some question about whether Alaskan Bush People would even finish the filming of their seventh season. Between the family drama and the filming drama, it was difficult to get everyone together at the same time.

Of course, it didn’t help that Matt Brown, one of the Brown family children, got himself into a bit of a pickle thanks to an unfortunate incident with some gun powder and a refrigerator.

“Matt had his accident in his Hoonah, AK home where he filled a mason jar with gun powder and cannon fuse. The mason jar was stored in his fridge, which eventually exploded for some reason and blew off the door, which impacted on Matt’s head. Fortunately, Matt was taken to the hospital for stitches and was released right after. However, there were concerns of how Matt was able to shoot given his head injury.”

How Matt Brown couldn’t have seen that something beginning with gun powder and ending with a refrigerator wouldn’t have ended well is beyond our level of understanding.

Finally, according to TV Insider, fans have been clamoring to get the first bite at the Alaskan Bush People apple because it’s been so long since the Brown family were on their TV screens.

The last episode of Alaskan Bush People aired on February 28, after a shortened season, which left many of the fans disappointed. Like other outlets, TV Insider reports that the Brown family has made filming extremely chaotic, and they wouldn’t be surprised if the final season of the series was just as shortened.

“How will the producers deal with this situation? I didn’t think that they were going to touch the PFD fraud case, but they did, and they twisted the facts to make the Browns look like the victims. This show has stumbled its way through so much absurdity, I doubt it can properly handle something as real and as serious as this (even Matt’s alcohol issues turned into a farce). There’s nothing AWESOME or EXXXXTREME about seeing a family suffer as its matriarch’s health deteriorates.”

The final season of Alaskan Bush People will air beginning June 14.

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