Mischa Barton Sex Tape Won’t Be Released: A Judge Just Signed Off On Their Deal

Mischa Barton won’t have to worry about unintentionally winning a few adult video awards for her sex tape, because the judge has just signed off on the O.C. star’s deal with one of her exes.

Mischa Barton and her ex-boyfriend Jon Zacharias agreed he would not leak her sex tape or any explicit photos showing the actress in steamy action. The judge ordered Zacharias to hand over any material that may compromise Barton to her lawyer Lisa Bloom, according to TMZ.

However, PornHub and other major adult video streaming websites may still have a chance to get their hands on an exclusive Mischa Barton sex tape, as her other ex, Adam Shaw, is believed to have the “revenge porn” videos of the actress in his possession as well.

Mischa Barton, who has a temporary restraining order against Shaw in place, is set to appear in court on Wednesday to make the order permanent to make sure the sex tape never surfaces online.

Mischa Barton and her lawyer Bloom believe that Zacharias recorded the original sex tape of Barton in hot action, while Shaw allegedly obtained the recordings and could have plans to distribute the X-rated material.

Now, with the judge signing off on Barton’s deal with Zacharias, the potentially bright future of Mischa Barton sex tape at the AVN Awards (adult movie Oscars) now rests in the hands of Shaw, who still allegedly has the explicit material.

Mischa Barton claimed the sex tape was recorded without her consent, which is why she started a legal battle against her exes and got attorney Bloom to represent her. Bloom, by the way, also represents Kathy Griffin, who recently thrust her name into the national spotlight by releasing controversial pics of beheaded U.S. President Donald Trump.

So far, Bloom has had much more success with Mischa Barton’s case than she has with the Griffin case, as the latter has become a disgrace in the U.S. for releasing the disturbing photos.

Speaking outside the Los Angeles Superior Court, Mischa Barton talked about her progress in the sex tape case, saying that the victory was “major” not only for her, but also for “women everywhere who get to decide what images of their body are shown.”

Mischa Barton’s sex tape scandal sparked a furor on social media, with many users taking to Twitter to call her bluff and accuse the O.C. actress of staging the revenge porn stunt only to get attention.

Nevertheless, Mischa Barton believes her case has helped women around the world, as she told reporters outside the court she was hoping the case would “set a precedent for women everywhere that they should stand up for their rights.”

“I’m happy to be putting this behind me and it’s been a bit of an ordeal and a crazy experience.”

Mischa Barton went public with claims that there might be a sex tape in possession of her ex-boyfriends in March.

The actress claimed that the existence of the revenge porn starring her came to light only when someone approached her on the street and asked her if she was aware she had been filmed during sex.

Mischa Barton is not dealing with the sex tape scandal alone, as the actress apparently started dating a mystery man recently. She was spotted with the mystery hunk at the Cannes Film Festival last month, and last Friday photos surfaced of Barton enjoying a romantic walk with the same man around Los Angeles, according to the Daily Mail.

Sporting no makeup and a casual outfit, Mischa Barton was spotted enjoying a romantic dog walk together with the mystery man.

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