‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Will ‘BB19’ Cast Please Or Frustrate CBS Viewers This Summer?

Big Brother 19 rumors haven’t slowed down, but still, the BB19 cast hasn’t been revealed by production. Typically, Big Brother has announced some facts about the coming season by now, but there has been a noticeable amount of silence from anyone close to the reality competition show. It is clearly having an effect on viewers, who want to know who will be in the BB19 cast as soon as possible, if only so that they know what to expect this summer.

Big Brother 19 Schedule: Season Premiere Coming Up In June

By now, everyone knows that the Big Brother 19 schedule begins with the season premiere on June 28. As advertised on CBS, the first episode is a two-hour event, beginning at 8 p.m. PT/ET. Host Julie Chen will return for another season of the hit reality competition show, bringing with her continued stability for producers and the network. While she may already know the plans for the BB19 cast, she hasn’t revealed anything on social media just yet.

Following the premiere episode, the Big Brother 19 schedule will fall into a familiar format for long-time viewers of the program. Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays will serve as Big Brother nights on CBS this summer. Sundays will likely reveal the weekly nominations for eviction, Wednesdays will showcase the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony, and then Thursdays will have the Eviction Ceremony and Head of Household (HOH) Competitions.

Big Brother 19 Rumors: All-Star Cast Or Newbies

For most of the spring, the primary Big Brother 19 rumors have been about the construction of the cast. There has been a lot of talk on social media about the cast being comprised of all returning houseguests, providing viewers either with a season of All-Stars or a group of people getting a second chance at winning the $500,000 prize. Those particular BB19 cast rumors have not gone over well with a majority of fans posting to Twitter and Facebook.

The vocal majority on social media sites seem to want the BB19 cast to be comprised entirely of new houseguests. This request for “new blood” on the show has been expressed in numerous online polls, with a new one on Twitter revealing that 71 percent of the voters want entirely new houseguests. Those results run in line with a number of other Big Brother polls, including those from a new Twitter page set up by fans in advance of Big Brother 19.

Why Has There Been A Delay In Release Of BB19 Cast List?

With every day that passes without an official BB19 cast list from the production team, the buzz on social media grows a little bit stronger. This may be something that the show is playing into, as the longer that fans are made to wait for the official information, the more the debate will rage on about which direction the show should take this summer. Revealing specific details and addressing previous Big Brother 19 spoilers might quell some of that chatter.

It’s also possible that production is still working not only on the final cast list but the theme that will be used in the BB19 house. If the plan is to have some returning houseguests, then those names will likely get revealed after the first batch of new houseguests is announced. That could be done during an upcoming episode of The Talk or through the online CBS All Access application. Additional teases about the Big Brother 19 theme could also be in the near future.

Big Brother 18 Recap And Big Brother 20 Approval

As it has been nearly nine months since the Big Brother 18 season finale, some fans may have forgotten how it played out on CBS. Twelve new houseguests were joined by four returning contestants (James Huling, Nicole Franzel, Frank Eudy, and Da’Vonne Rogers) to flesh out the BB18 cast. Nicole ended up beating Paul Abrahamian in the final jury vote to win the prize. The BB19 cast might end up using the same format this summer.

Due to the successful Big Brother 18 ratings, CBS announced early on that two more seasons of the show were getting ordered. In addition to Big Brother 19 taking place this summer, Big Brother 20 has also been preapproved for summer 2018. It’s possible that the BB20 cast could be the perfect opportunity for the show to really take the time to put together an all-time cast using past winners.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers And BB19 House Reveal

There is still a lot of time before the June 28 season premiere, even if it seems like the day is coming along very quickly. That gives a lot of time for producers to address the BB19 cast, how the theme will work, and to provide the first house tours. If the schedule follows what has been done in the past, then fans could be just a few days from seeing the first BB19 house images and roughly a week to 10 days from seeing who is in the Big Brother 19 cast.

As the next cast is told that they will be in the game, people will start getting sequestered. If the BB19 cast does indeed include former houseguests, then it could quickly become obvious to people on social media who might be entering the game again. That could lead to another round of Big Brother 19 rumors, but maybe it will include verifiable information that will give viewers a true picture of what will take place this summer.

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