Joe Biden’s Former Chief Of Staff Tells Congress To Impeach ‘Narcissistic Maniac’ Donald Trump

In the latest Donald Trump impeachment news, Joe Biden’s former chief of staff, Susan Platt, has called on Congress to impeach the president. Platt, who is presently in the running to be Virginia’s lieutenant governor, upped the ante among Democrats when she sent an email to her supporters and explained why she felt that Donald Trump needed to be impeached.

In Susan Platt’s email, she gave Trump the nickname of “Bully-in-Chief” and spoke of the president’s numerous failings. She stated emphatically that between the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election and Trump attempting to employ a travel ban on Muslims that Donald Trump’s presidency is far worse and much more dangerous than Nixon’s Watergate scandal, as the Washington Examiner reports.

With so many alleged crimes and the future of the United States at stake, Joe Biden’s former chief of staff believes that the president has already caused enough damage and that Congress needs to begin impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump immediately.

“Just within the past few hours, the Bully-in-Chief doubled down on his unconstitutional plan to ban an entire religion. He obstructed justice in the Russia investigation, profited from foreign governments, and even gave state secrets to foreign leaders. It’s worse than Watergate, and we’ve seen enough.”

Joe Biden's former chief of staff Susan Platt has called on Congress to impeach Donald Trump.
Joe Biden's former chief of staff Susan Platt has called on Congress to impeach Donald Trump.[Image by Pool/Getty Images]

Despite the fact that as of this moment Donald Trump has not technically been brought up on any impeachable charges, this is a huge topic in Virginia. This state is also notably one of the very first states that is planning on holding post-Inaugural elections at a later point this year, and Joe Biden’s former chief of staff, Susan Platt, is riding the wave of those in Virginia who believe that the president needs to be impeached.

Another candidate also in the running for Virginia’s lieutenant governor is Frank Northam, who has voiced his feelings about Donald Trump by calling him a “narcissistic maniac.”

What are the odds that Donald Trump could be impeached now? As of Monday morning, very nearly all of the polls that track the president’s approval rating show that there is currently more support for his impeachment than ever and that more people want to see him impeached than approve of him, according to Newsweek.

In fact, a new Gallup poll just taken over the weekend shows that Donald Trump’s support has gone from 42 percent to a mere 36 percent. Figures also show that 43 percent of Americans would like to see impeachment proceedings begin against Trump, according to a Politico/Morning Consult survey that was published last Wednesday.

Joe Biden’s former chief of staff Susan Platt understands Donald Trump’s unpopularity and is asking Congress to listen to the 43 percent of Americans who believe that Trump needs to be impeached. Platt’s Virginia campaign has, from the beginning, focused on the inadequacy of Donald Trump as a sitting president of the United States.

While Platt has certainly had her fair share of Trump supporter critics, especially after she voiced a call for people to join in a protest of the president at his golf club, she has held firm in her conviction that Donald Trump should be impeached, as the Augusta Free Press report. Adding to the list of wrongs that the president had committed, Susan Platt also mentioned Trump’s denial of climate change as well as Trumpcare.

“He also attacked women, reversed our progress on climate change, took health care away from millions of Americans, and wants to build walls instead of bridges.”

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What are your thoughts about Joe Biden’s former chief of staff, Susan Platt, calling for Congress to impeach Donald Trump and do you agree or disagree with her?

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