Lisa Rinna Keeps Drug Drama Going With Dorit Kemsley: Cocaine Rumor Now A Humorous Joke?

Lisa Rinna is known for being very dramatic, and she took things too far on this past season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Not only did Lisa hint that Kim Richards was close to death on the show because of her prior issues with alcohol, but Rinna also hinted that newcomer Dorit Kemsley and her husband were doing drugs during a dinner party. When Kemsley heard Rinna’s accusation, she was shocked and surprised. While Lisa claimed to know that they were doing drugs, Dorit kept laughing off the accusations because they seemed downright outrageous.

According to a new Instagram post, Lisa Rinna is still joking about the accusation she made on the previous season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she accused Dorit and her husband of doing cocaine in their bathroom. She recently shared a post on social media where she combined the joke over the drug accusations with Donald Trump’s tweet “covfefe.”

While Rinna’s supporters thought it was a funny joke, it sounds like Dorit Kemsley didn’t think it was funny at all. And some people have changed their minds about Dorit after watching her first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as they feel she was downright attacked by Lisa Rinna.

It sounds like Rinna loves reading people’s comments about the drug drama, even though the season has already ended. Maybe a fan sent her the above picture with the “covfefe” comment, and she thought it was hilarious. However, Dorit doesn’t seem to appreciate the constant reminder that she was once accused of doing drugs. And if she’s truly innocent, then it makes sense that she’s upset about these accusations.

Some people are noticing that Dorit is letting her thoughts to be known on social media. Apparently, she’s hoping that Lisa Rinna will be fired from the show and she isn’t too happy about Lisa making a mockery of a rumor that questioned her role as a mother and a wife. Kemsley opened up about her friendship with Lisa in her Bravo blog when the show was airing. Even though her co-stars didn’t believe the rumors, one can imagine that Dorit wants an apology.

“At first, I really wanted to keep my distance from Lisa Rinna. I didn’t want there to be any issues, and it was obvious that the air needed to be cleared after her ruthless behavior in Hong Kong. It felt reassuring to share my experience from HK with Kim as I know she’s certainly experienced the wrath of LR. I felt I needed someone who could not only understand what I was feeling but could also make me feel less uncomfortable about being at a party with “the mean girls,”” Dorit Kemsley explains about her friendship with Lisa Rinna.

“Lisa R has clearly caused a lot of arguments and drama with the ladies in this group, and I can see now that it was just my turn, probably as the new girl. I was an easy target,” Dorit explains in her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, adding, “It was so obvious she was just deflecting and looking to get more people attacking me. The insinuation that I have been taking about or torturing Erika the last four months is so preposterous, it’s almost comical. There seems to be a lot of fabricating story in this group sadly.”

What do you think of Lisa Rinna’s comments about the drug rumors? Are you surprised that she’s now making fun of it even though Dorit was clearly upset about it on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Do you think Lisa will return for the next season of the show?

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