Catelynn Lowell Slammed Over Ignorant Comments About Puerto Rico

Last week’s episode of Teen Mom OG had the main cast (minus Farrah and Simon) going to Puerto Rico to celebrate Catelynn Lowell’s birthday. However, it seems that some people weren’t too happy with the comments Catelynn was making during the trip.

The three main women and their significant others traveled to Puerto Rico to enjoy some together time and beach activities. However, Catelynn Lowell has been slammed by fans for her seemingly ignorant comments about the island.

“I can’t wait to have Spanish food!” she gushed to her husband, Tyler Baltierra as they sat outside on their hotel room balcony. “I love Spanish culture. I love the men, I love the food…”

So while there is nothing inherently wrong with that statement generally, the group was in Puerto Rico, not Spain, and therefore they weren’t participating in Spanish culture.

Later in the trip, she stated the group was going to a “Spanish bar” as they rolled up to an establishment for some drinks.

However, these ignorant statements pale in comparison to Gary Shirley, Amber’s ex, and his current wife, Kristina’s comments on the country. When Amber Portwood and Gary’s daughter, Leah, asked where Puerto Rico was after Gary and Leah’s step mom informed her that her mother would be going there, she innocently asked where the country was. Kristina stated that Puerto Rico was in Mexico. Ouch.

Fans weren’t too impressed by the cast’s lack of ability to differentiate between Spanish and Puerto Rican culture.

“Seriously if you’re going to go on about how you love a place’s culture, maybe actually do some very preliminary research about it before speaking on it.It’s clear that Cait fundamentally doesn’t understand either Latin or Spanish food/culture/etc, and she sure as s**t doesn’t care to find out the nuanced differences,” one Reddit user wrote.

Fans were also annoyed that during a trip to a Puerto Rican supermarket, Tyler made a comment about how “they know we don’t steal.” Evidently, the “we” he was referring to were white people.

During the scene, the group went shopping to purchase food and drinks, and also to grab some balloons and streamers to help celebrate Catelynn’s birthday party. Maci tried to get Amber to shove the items up her dress (perhaps a skill Amber picked up in prison?), but then they realized it would look like they were trying to five finger discount the items. Instead, they decided to distract Catelynn as they purchased the birthday accouterments.

Cleary, Tyler meant “we” as opposed to native Puerto Ricans who were doing their shopping at that particular supermarket.

“AS OPPOSED TO WHO TYLER?” one fan wrote disparagingly on a Reddit thread.

Despite the ignorant comments, the trip looked like fun and the six cast members seemed to bond really well over their shared experiences.

During the episode, the six addressed some heartbreaking issues they’ve had to deal with along their Teen Mom OG journey. Amber Portwood admitted to still being upset over the loss of her father and broke down in tears during a conversation about him.

Maci Bookout told the rest of the girls that she was very concerned for her ex, Ryan Edwards, as she thinks he has a drug problem. The girls were very supportive, especially Amber, who has struggled with drug addiction in the past. Having watched the series and knowing the signs of drug abuse, Amber said she’d always suspected Ryan was suffering.

During the trip, they also discussed postpartum depression, which Catelynn suffered from very badly after the birth of her daughter, Novalee Reign. Maci confessed that she, too, also struggled after the birth of her daughter, Jayde.

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