‘The White Princess’: Season 2 Or New Miniseries Adaptation On The Way?

The White Princess ended Season 1 with a very dramatic finale on Sunday night, and now fans want to know if there will be a Season 2 of the series on Starz. The series, which follows Queen Elizabeth York’s journey as she married Henry VII, came to a stunning conclusion this week, and if the show does get renewed, there could be some more interesting storylines to explore.

According to Bustle, The White Princess has not yet been renewed for Season 2, and it doesn’t seem likely that it will. Romper reports that the show was billed as a follow-up series to The White Queen, which followed Queen Elizabeth of York’s mother, Elizabeth Woodville, as she rose to power. Princess was billed as a miniseries from the get-go, and with the show’s declining ratings in recent weeks, a renewal doesn’t look good. However, Starz could continue the miniseries trend and continue to tell the story of the Tudor dynasty.

As many fans of The White Princess may know, the show was loosely adapted from Philippa Gregory’s series of novels about the royal family turmoil in England. Since The White Queen and Princess have already been done, the next book in the series is The Constant Princess, which details the life of Henry VIII’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon. Since Princess Catherine was such a topic of interest on The White Princess, it seems Starz may want to adapt that novel into a miniseries as well.

The White Princess on Starz.
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The series showrunner, Emma Frost, told GoldDerby that The White Princess could jump into the young Tudor legacy if the network were to come back for Season 2 and beyond.

“‘When we then did decide to do The White Princess, there were only two or three characters that had survived and […] we would then have to age them a further 14 years […] so it made sense all around if we recast it from the beginning,’ Frost explains. That likely wouldn’t need to be done if The White Princess picks up with the continuation of the young Tudor legacy, but it’s also possible that the series could jump another several decades into the future. Regardless of where The White Princess goes by the end of its first season, this series has plenty more history it could use for more intrigue.”

Fans who have followed the Tudor family legacy from a television standpoint know that Showtime had success with its series The Tudors, which followed the life of Elizabeth of York’s son, Henry VIII, as he navigated the trials and tribulations of the throne and led a scandalous life after divorcing Catherine of Aragon and marrying a total of six women throughout his life. The series debuted in 2007 and ran until 2010. Jonathan Rhys Meyers starred as Henry VIII.

The White Princess Season 2 could follow young Tudors.
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Meanwhile, whether The White Princess returns for Season 2 or not, the show went out with a bang in the finale. After suffering heartbreak and struggles to keep her husband on the throne and her family intact, Lizzie decides that she needs to take matters into her own hands. Shockingly, the York princess turned Queen of England decides to execute the only living male York heirs, her cousin Teddy and her brother Richard. With the York men out of the way, there would be no one who had any claim to the throne, which safely secured husband Henry VII’s reign.

What are your thoughts about The White Princess returning for Season 2? Would you like to see Starz bring back the show, or adapt the next novel in series about Catherine of Aragon?

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