‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason And Sonny Bond-Is Stone Cold Back And Ready To Work In The Mob Again?

The mob has been front and center on General Hospital ever since Frank Smith came to town many years ago. Once Sonny Corinthos took over Port Charles, it has been one big mob scene. Jason Morgan became his enforcer, and the two men were best buds until Jason was thought to be dead in 2012. He did come back alive, but things had changed and Jason was not interested in that kind of life any longer. However, that may soon change.

The relationship between Sonny and Jason has been quite complicated lately. Most of Jason’s memories have returned, but he still wanted nothing to do with that violent lifestyle anymore. He wanted a quiet life with Sam and his kids, but this week will have Jason bonding with his former boss once again. According to General Hospital spoilers for the first week of June put out by Soap Central, the two men will be pouring themselves a drink and discussing their concerns.

It is not known exactly what they will be discussing as there are many concerns recently that could come up in their conversation. However, there is a strong possibility that the Jerome family will make it into their discussion. With Ava in the hospital badly burned, Julian will be blaming Sonny for it and that could get ugly. Despite the fact that Ava brought it all on herself, Sonny and Carly never went back in to try to save her, and Julian will not take that lightly.

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General Hospital spoilers hint that Julian will make a life-changing decision this week as well. What will he do now? He has a potential to make it work once again with Alexis, but his rage and sorrow over what happened to his sister may just take over. He could go after Sonny and ruin his chances with his wife.

Jason may also make a life-changing decision and get sucked back into the mob. According to General Hospital spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, he is expected to seek out answers when it comes to Helena Cassadine. While it is not known yet exactly what answers he is after, it most likely has to do with what happened with his son Jake and the Chimera project. He may also be trying to find answers for himself as well. He and Jake were tormented by Helena on Cassadine Island, so he could be furthering his investigation as to why this all happened.

Of course, there is still the possibility that Helena is alive. Jason could suspect this and go searching to be sure she isn’t still out there waiting in the wings to hurt his family even more. Jason seems to be leaning towards his old days of the violent life he used to lead. He will do whatever it takes to protect his family, and that could mean that he is willing to work side by side with Sonny again.

General Hospital fans have also missed seeing the close friendship that Carly had with Jason. That had changed quite a bit when he came back, but their relationship has slowly blossomed. This week will have Carly confiding in her BFF once again. Learning that Ava was responsible for what happened to Morgan getting in the exploded car has weighed heavily on Carly, and she may even be feeling a bit guilty about not trying to get Ava out of the warehouse fire. Talking to Jason may help her to see things more clearly.

Jason seems to be getting back in with the Corinthos family. Does this mean that he will return to his old life as a mobster soon? Have you missed Jason as Sonny’s sidekick? Be sure to check out General Hospital this week to see if this is really happening or if the friendship stops short of life in the mob.

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