Stephen Colbert To Run For Jim DeMint’s Senate Seat? Maybe

Jim DeMint recently announced that he was retiring from the senate to become president of the Heritage Foundation. That’s pretty big news. But the even bigger news is that Stephen Colbert may be running for his seat.


The Comedy Central host has toyed with a life in politics before. Colbert has launched two bids for President in the past and last year he ended up on the ballot in South Carolina. Colbert also launched a Super Pac to fund his presidential bid and according to the Huffington Post he still has about $900,000 left over.

USA Today reports that an @ColbertforSC account has been started on Twitter. The account doesn’t have any official affiliation with Colbert but close to 1000 people have started following the account, unofficially endorsing Colbert for Senate.

Carrie Byalick, a Colbert spokeswoman, didn’t confirm that Colbert was running for senate but did say that the Comedy Central host was looking forward to Governor Haley’s call.

Byalick said:

“Stephen is honored by the groundswell of support from the Palmetto State and looks forward to Governor Haley’s call.”

Unfortunately, Colbert probably won’t be able to find his way to the US Senate until his contract with Comedy Central ends in 2014. Jim DeMint’s seat will be filled long before then but maybe Colbert will jump into the race anyway.

Do you think someone like Stephen Colbert would make a good politician?

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