Joseline Hernandez To Launch Movie Career, Talk Show After ‘LHHATL’ Departure

Joseline Hernandez wants to launch her movie career and land a reality show, as it’s been confirmed that she will not be returning for another series of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

The TV personality made it known earlier this year that she was no longer interested in being a part of the VH1 franchise that has made her a household name across America. Instead, Joseline Hernandez thinks she’s worthy of having her own reality show, away from her famous cast members.

Having made appearances on The Real, launching her own music career, and recently giving birth to her first child, Joseline Hernandez strongly believes that she has more than enough things going on for herself that should have already landed her a show.

With her schedule being as hectic as it is, she sees no reason why she shouldn’t get paid for documenting her lifestyle. From what sources have said, Joseline Hernandez definitely has no plans to return to LHHATL — she’s even had plans to relocate to Los Angeles.

According to Hollywood Life, Coco Austin is one of Joseline Hernandez’s idols when it comes to branding and building her own empire. She loves how independent Coco is — she’s a mother that runs a successful business, has the support system form her man, Ice T, and still finds the time to workout and look amazing.

“Joseline really looks to Coco Austin as her life inspiration,” a source explains, adding that Hernandez sees Coco as a woman that can do it all. She loves that. “She loves Coco’s body, her look, her sense of humor, and what she’s made of her life.”

“Coco’s a great mom, has an amazing marriage, and a super successful career. If Joseline were to style herself after anyone, it would be Coco, and she would love to have her own reality show, along the lines of Ice Loves Coco.”

Last month, Joseline Hernandez had already hinted that she was considering the idea of leaving LHHATL, having had several opportunities to continue working in Los Angeles but due to her commitments with the show in Atlanta, she was forced to return home.

Now that she’s made it known she will not be coming back to the franchise, Joseline Hernandez is more than ready to leave and relocate to anywhere she wants to go.

She’s already proven herself to be a favorite at The Real, which is filmed in Burbank, California. Residing nearby would be an ideal location for Joseline Hernandez, who also plans to launch her acting career in the next couple of years.

It’s clear that Joseline doesn’t want to be seen as just a TV personality. She thinks she can venture out and do other things, such as acting, model, hosting a talk-show, and building an empire similar to how Coco Austin has built her own.

Hernandez doesn’t like focusing on just one thing. She doesn’t want to be on reality TV and solely depend on VH1 for her money — Joseline is ready to branch out and show the world that she’s more than just an entertainment personality on the TV screen.

While she claims she won’t be returning for another series of Love & Hip Hop, The Hollywood Gossip notes, executive producers have yet to confirm Joseline Hernandez’s comments, stressing that she was done with the show and felt the need to move on with her life sooner rather than later.

Having already had her own baby special, which aired on VH1 last month, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that producers would consider the idea of giving the former stripper her own reality show — but again, execs have yet to confirm or deny whether the 30-year-old is, in fact, leaving LHHATL.

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