‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie & Quinn’s Conflict Heats Up And Someone Will Be Arrested

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show Katie and Quinn in heated confrontation and things start to get out of hand. Katie loses it, especially after learning that it was not Quinn but someone whom she holds dearly rejected her jewelry designs.

Despite knowing that Eric is already married to Quinn, Katie continues to have special feelings for the Forrester patriarch. She wants to have more time with him, so working at the Forrester Creations is a big accomplishment for her.

Aside from having the chance to be with Eric all the time, Katie also wants to make a name for herself under the said fashion company. However, she was only able to make her way around the company due to her blackmailing scheme.

It can be recalled in the previous The Bold and the Beautiful episode, she threatened Quinn by saying that if she will allow her to do whatever she wants in the company, she will not tell Eric about her affair with Ridge. Quinn does not want to ruin her marriage to Eric so she has no choice but to agree.

Katie took advantage of this situation and submitted her designs to create a new line of jewelry. Since she has Quinn in the palm of her hand, she expected the project to be instantly approved.

But things did not go her way as her proposal was rejected. She blames Quinn, but unknown to her it was Eric who refused her designs. From the start, Quinn made it clear that she can only let her submit the designs, but its approval is beyond her power in the office. Yet, Katie ignored this fact.

It was the first time that Eric actually saw Katie’s work, and his expectations from her were not met. He is obviously not pleased with her designs and thought those do not go well with the company’s standards. Eric will not take the risk of damaging Forrester Creations, so he will not accept Katie’s creations.

With the rejection and wrongful thoughts that it was Quinn who rejected her proposal, she was enraged. Katie takes it all out on Quinn, so a heated argument ensues. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that she will likely believe that Eric is being controlled by Quinn.

Katie’s fury will further heighten when she is fired from her job later. Her dismissal will create more drama, as she will not take it well. As Katie unleashes her wrath, viewers of the show should watch out for a big twist.

In any case, Katie went through hardships when she was still involved with Brooke and Bill. Many deduced that such experiences contributed to the anger that she let loose on Quinn.

Ivy will witness the intense situation and saw it was going really fierce, so she finally steps in to diffuse the tension. She will try to break off the fight and separate Katie and Quinn, so they can cool their heads. Ivy will tell the two that anger will not solve the conflict, so they should talk everything out calmly.

The Bold and Beautiful preview teases that Katie might be arrested for something soon and this turn of events will create more problems for her. Apparently, things in Genoa City will get more chaotic and complicated, and it is yet to see where everything will end.

Meanwhile, Soap Hubs notes that there will be more people who are coming and going from the favorite primetime show. For this week of June 5 to June 9, there are at least six characters who will be returning.

Anna Maria Horsford is set to reappear as Vivienne Avant, while Obba Babatundé is coming back as her husband Julius Avant. Dan Martin will also return to reprise the role of Lt. Baker, and Lawrence Saint-Victor will be back as Carter. Lastly, Rock Galotti and Geoffrey Kennedy will be in Genoa as a forensic expert and detective Edwards, respectively.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs via CBS on weekdays.

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