Jenna Dewan-Tatum And Jessica Alba Bond Over ‘Working Mom Guilt’ Syndrome

Jenna Dewan-Tatum And Jessica Alba have much in common. Certainly, there’s their interest in acting and performing, but, in addition to that, the two women have also found similarities in their private lives. Living a hectic life as working mothers, Alba and Dewan-Tatum have found that much of the heartache and challenges they face are common among working moms all over the country. As Jessica and Jenna promote their latest partnership and a new charity-driven line of products, the actresses and working moms found that motherhood has united them in unexpected ways.

Jessica Alba And Jenna Dewan-Tatum Bond At The Beach

As She Knows shares, the two women brought their talents together in a new collaboration recently and celebrated that partnership with a beach party. Promoting their Havaianas Mommy & Me flip-flops collection on the sandy shores, Alba and Dewan-Tatum revealed that the new business venture was launched with the support of the Baby2Baby charity, which collects donations for low-income families.

While out trying to garner excitement for the new line of flip-flops, the actresses opened up about the hectic life of being a working parent, which is something all too familiar to Alba. The actress, who also manages her Honest Company, says she feels guilt over missing so much of her children’s lives, due to business and career obligations.

Even when she is with 8-year-old Honor and 5-year-old Haven, Jessica admits that she can be distracted with the various aspects of her life. Alba says she may not even notice that her children have been wearing the wrong sized shoes, unless the child complains.

“Some of those milestones or moments, you want to be there for every single one and it’s not realistic when you’re working, but for me, that’s what gets me.”

Ms. Alba adds that the weekdays are the worst, because most of the time spent with Honor and Haven is comprised of getting them ready for school and tucking them in at bedtime. Ms. Alba adds that the weekends are the best, because those are the days she has time to really devote to family.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum Shares Jessica Alba’s Working Mom Guilt

Covering the beachfront event, E! News reports that Ms. Dewan-Tatum shares Alba’s feelings about trying to maintain a career and a home presence, but adds that the key to success is balance. Perhaps taking a cue from her love of dancing, Jenna says it all comes down to creating a proper balance between work and family, though she admits it can be a tough routine to maintain.

“For me, with work, it’s interesting because it will be really, really busy and then I’ll have a little bit of time where it isn’t quite as busy, so you have a little bit of time where balancing that is easier,” says Jenna.

Ms. Dewan-Tatum recalls struggling with that more so when Everly was younger and couldn’t really understand why her parents weren’t always around. As Everly has gotten a little older, Jenna says she understands things a little better and that makes it easier to keep that balance in their lives.

“It’s like a checks and balances kind of thing where you really put in good quality time so you feel a little bit better about working the next day,” Ms. Dewan-Tatum said. “It’s about finding that, and constantly sort of not making yourself feel guilty but trying to work that out for yourself, so that your family gets lots of time and quality time together. It’s a balancing act always.”

Ms Alba agrees with Jenna, though she adds that the quality of time spent with her family is more important than the quantity.

Both Alba and Ms. Dewan-Tatum came away from the conversation agreeing that making the most of their time with their children helps to relieve some of that working mom guilt. While they still miss their families, Jessica Alba and Jenna Dewan-Tatum feel better about going to work, after devoting their weekends to their children.

Jessica Alba is currently filming El Camino Christmas with Vincent D’Onofrio and Tim Allen.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum currently hosts World of Dance on NBC.

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