‘Mad Men’ News: Jon Hamm Reveals Inner Don Draper, While Matthew Weiner Writes Novel Never Destined For Film

When Mad Men came out, viewers became enamored with the moody and broody Don Draper. Turns out, the actor portraying him, Jon Hamm, could be considered quite a bit like him, although based on history, he would deny it. Yet, what he created with the show was what he always wanted in his career as an actor.

“We all want to be involved in something that takes hold of the culture and makes people sit up and say, ‘Hey, that’s interesting.’ Actually, that’s all I ever wanted. I never wanted to be a Tom Cruise type of megastar.”

He recently revealed to InStyle, that his break up with actress Jennifer Westfeldt has been very hard on him. Like his character, Hamm does not like to be single.

“It’s hard to be single after being together for a long time. It’s really hard. It sucks.”

After dating for 18 years, two years ago, the couple decided to call it quits. This was about the very time that Mad Men finale season was airing, and Don Draper was sitting in the lotus position, dreaming up that iconic Coke commercial. Later it was reported that Hamm had gone into treatment for alcohol, about the same time as the breakup.

Their years together was an eternity by Hollywood standards. The couple first met at a party, and later, a friend suggested that the two run lines. They were both struggling actors, and both obviously needed the camaraderie. Odds are, they were not competing for the same parts.

The Guardian reports that Jennifer was not too keen on meeting up with the handsome actor.

“You mean that arrogant guy from the party? No thank you.”

Hamm’s life has not been easy. He lost his mom at the age of nine, and his father before he finished college. He has had to live by the generosity of friends and family to get to where he is at now.

“I’m certainly damaged—there’s no denying it.”

Yet, Hamm is proud of what he has accomplished, despite some challenging beginnings.

“But if you look at the history of my life, it’s not great. When your mom dies when you’re 9, and your dad dies when you’re 20, and then you live on couches in other people’s basements … I mean, there’s certainly a version of that person who does not come out of it as successfully as I have.”

Yet, don’t expect him to be too normal. According to Refinery 29, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star has a secret Instagram account that allows him to follow more arty posters, like travel sites, artists, and photographers. But never except to see Jon Hamm turn the camera on himself! He has obviously thought about this a bit.

“The point of life is not to put dog ears on yourself and post it online for everyone to see.”

Right now, Hamm is looking for a variety of roles that will challenge him and keep his fans guessing. In addition, the tabloids are also trying to link Hamm with British actress, Kate Beckinsale.

Meanwhile, Matthew Weiner is also trying to play a guessing game with fans as well. The creator and writer for Mad Men, Weiner is releasing his first novel in September. Entitled Heather, the Totality, the Emmy-winner revealed to USA Today that he is relieved he doesn’t have to cast this book. He believes this book is too complicated to be made into a movie adaptation.

“We’ll see how people feel about it, but for the time being, no. It’s so internal. If I was someone who did adaptations for a living, I don’t know how I would turn it into a movie.”

Yet, Weiner is involved in the new Amazon Prime show, The Romanoffs.

This is a contemporary show, about the descendants of Tsar Nicholas II. He, his wife, Alexandra, who was the granddaughter of British Queen Victoria, as well as their children were executed during the Russian Revolution in 1918. Over the years, there was a belief that one daughter, Anastasia, had managed to escape, but that has been refuted over the past two decades.

It will be curious to see if Jon Hamm will be also part of this intriguing new series.

Do you see Jon Hamm as a hopeless romantic, unhappy at his single life, or more of a real-life, egotistic Don Draper? Share your opinions below!

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