Huge Push Coming For Natalya On ‘SmackDown Live,’ Expected To Win Women’s ‘Money In The Bank’ Ladder Match

Last week on SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon announced the first Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The WWE Universe is thrilled to see the SmackDown Women’s division get the opportunity to make WWE history at the WWE Money in the Bank PPV in a few weeks. It’s a shame that only one woman can be Miss Money in the Bank, but the powers that be may have already made the decision about who will win.

It’s being discussed that Natalya is the frontrunner to win the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match in a few weeks. As of this writing, The Queen of Harts doesn’t have the most momentum as a heel, but the fans have long been arguing for her to receive a more significant push in the Women’s division. It has been many years since Natalya was on top of the WWE ladder and held a Women’s Championship in the division.

Many people believe her push is long overdue, so WWE officials utilizing the Money in the Bank briefcase to push Natalya into the SmackDown Women’s Title picture would be generally well received. Not to mention, Naomi needs a strong heel to feud with on SmackDown Live. The rivalry should bring a lot of prestige to the title, but WWE officials are likely not looking to see Natalya’s reign as Miss Money in the Bank last for long.

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Unlike the Men’s division in WWE, the Women’s division on SmackDown Live only has one championship for all competitors to chase. The division has a smaller number of competitors, so holding the briefcase isn’t likely to last for long. It has been reported that Naomi is still expected to defend her title at WWE Money in the Bank, but that fact would mean one of the competitors in the ladder match will need to pull double duty.

There’s a strong possibility that Natalya, or another winner if WWE officials change their minds, will cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase shortly after winning it at the PPV. The expectation is it would be similar to Dean Ambrose’s reign last year. On paper, that would get Naomi and the SmackDown Women’s Title on the show. It’s unclear right now if WWE officials are also planning a title change later that night for the event.

There is also speculation regarding Lana’s SmackDown Live debut, which may see her become a competitor in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. She would most likely replace on of the five women who have already been announced. Under those circumstances, Naomi would defend her championship against one competitor to be named later. It’s unlikely that WWE officials would give Lana a title shot so quickly.

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Despite being a heel, most WWE fans would rejoice about Natalya finally getting a big push on SmackDown Live. There is a lot of value in her being on top of the ladder again for the company. For starters, she would go down in history as the first woman to win Money in the Bank. That would be quite the feather in her cap, and she would add prestige to the concept by utilizing it and putting a Hart back on top of the WWE ladder.

There is still a few weeks to go before the WWE Money in the Bank PPV in St. Louis, but a lot of people are under the impression that Natalya will walk out of the city with the briefcase or even with the SmackDown Women’s Championship. For now, Natalya just needs to perform well over the next few weeks to make her ascension back on top of WWE a reality.

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