‘Big Brother 2017’: House Photos Released As UK’s ‘BB18’ Set To Premiere Monday With Rich Versus Poor Theme

The new season of Big Brother is just hours away from its premiere Monday night, and the hit reality show is set to feature rich versus poor as its predominant theme. As such, each of the Big Brother 2017 cast members is expected to be from a variety of backgrounds in order to give viewers an interesting look at contrasts in class that exists within the UK.

The Elstree Studios Big Brother home has been transformed to make it appear as though it is a British village with the main living area having an outdoorsy feel complete with a sofa that appears to be made of fake stones, Astroturf carpet, and a sign that reads “Welcome to Big Brother Village – Britain’s best village,” according to BBSpy.

Furthermore, the abode includes cottages that are quaintly covered with moss, as well as small shops that houseguests can frequent. According to Digital Spy, the combination of classes of people that will make up the cast mates is being done “in a time of a contentious general election campaign and post-Brexit political brawling.”

Not since Big Brother 9, which aired in 2009, were there two bedrooms in the BBUK house, which will be a unique feature of the Big Brother 18 home this year. One of the bedrooms features the color turquoise and comfy bedding, BBSpy reports. The other bedroom is not so comfortable and is, in fact, a real mess. The beds are unkempt, and the wallpaper decorating the room is torn with graffiti adorning it.


BBSpy notes that the rich versus poor divide is not a new theme for the Big Brother franchise, as the UK featured this separation in both BB3 and BB9.


Nevertheless, the kitchen appears to be a single room rather than an open area as it has been in past seasons of Big Brother, BBSpy reports. It looks like a bakery with several tables from which to eat instead of just one large table, which has been the traditional method of dining in the BBUK mansion.


The Big Brother 2017 house is not without a garden, but this season it looks more like a lush park. It features plants, as well as a shaded area under which the cast mates can unwind. Unlike most prior seasons, this Big Brother house will be without a pool, but cast mates can relax in a hot tub, which is centered in the garden, BBSpy reports.


The bathroom is extremely unique with a beauty salon theme. It is primarily pink with a large bathtub and a sink near the middle of the room. There are also several old-school hair drying apparatus placed over chairs in one area of this elaborate restroom.


The Big Brother 2017 housemates to enter this British village have remained a secret until Friday, when the show released the names of some of the individuals who will be residents of the Big Brother 18 house on June 5.


Lotan Carter, 28, who Digital Spy describes as the “member of the naughty dance group, The Dreamboys…” is one of the new houseguests. Another is a former Ex on the Beach star, Kayleigh Morris, also 28.


Imran and Sukhvinder Javeed, a married couple, will also be part of the cast. According to Digital Spy, Imran, 39, was raised Muslim and Sukhvinder, 38, was raised Sikh. They have been together for 21 years and want to be an example for young people.


Deborah Agboola, 25, and her sister Hannah, 23, who is the reigning Miss Nigeria UK, will also be Big Brother 2017 cast mates.

It is still anyone’s guess who else will be entering the Big Brother 18 home Monday evening, but they are sure to be entertaining whoever they may be.

Big Brother 2017, also known as Big Brother 18, airs nightly on Channel 5 in the U.K., followed by the after show, Big Brother’s Bit On the Side.

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