Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone Release Date, Specs: It Might Be The Android Device You’re Waiting For

Andy Rubin, credited as the father of the Android operating system, just introduced the Essential phone. It is an ambitious project by a startup, but surprisingly, it is hitting the right spots. Here’s everything you need to know about this new challenger.

Essential Phone Specs

Rubin’s vision of what an Android smartphone should be involves having only the latest specs. Built with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip and a 4GB RAM, the Essential Phone (or PH-1) will no doubt pose a challenge against other flagships this year, notes Wired. Add to that a pure Android OS, users can expect a smooth experience without bloatware or other stuff that only slows down the phone.

The Essential smartphone comes in 128GB memory only. There is no microSD slot, but users should be able to maximize true built-in storage as there are no extras added to the phone except for the OS.

PH-1 sports a dual-camera system with 13 megapixels in each lens. At the front, there is an 8-megapixel selfie snapper that can also take 4K videos. The specs certainly look good on paper, but it will have to be tested against smartphone brands that have killer cameras, like the Galaxy S8, iPhone 8, and Google Pixel 2.

A USB-C port is on board for charging and data transfer. What’s missing is the 3.5mm headphone jack, which the consumers are not ready to let go of. The ones who were appalled at the iPhone 7’s lack of a headphone port similarly expressed the same sentiments.

Essential Phone Design

To say that the Essential Phone looks sleek is an understatement. That word is so overused that when a phone that is actually sleek comes around, people have no more words to describe it. Yes, the Galaxy S8 looks beautiful, but compared to the PH-1, it’s not so sleek anymore.

A slightly curved display adorn the front of the Essential smartphone. Rubin found bezels to be unnecessary, so he ditched them completely. At the back, the arrangement is as simple as it gets. In a single horizontal file, there is the flash, the camera, and the two accessory ports. Underneath is the fingerprint sensor.

The rear design might be its biggest advantage over the top brands. The dual cameras are completely flat. They do not protrude like the ones on the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7 while still keeping an ultra-slim profile.

Another aspect where Essential succeeded is the material used. The combination of titanium and ceramic makes for a durable phone. Andy Rubin seems to be overly confident that it is tougher than the ones currently on the market that users will not need an ugly case anymore.

Essential Phone Features

The Essential Phone is basic yet full of potential. To supplement the user experience, the company has added support for accessories that will work as if it is really a part of the phone.

One such example is the 360-degree camera, the first and only Essential accessory as of the moment. No apps or extra steps are needed in order to use it. Owners will simply have to attach it to the port and they will be able to use the camera as normal. Other accessories are being planned right now and the growing number of fans are already excited to see what else could be released.

Essential Phone Release Date

Andy Rubin has not yet announced a release date nor a timeframe, but those who want the first units can preorder now for $699. A bundle with the 360 camera costs $749, putting the accessory’s price at only $50. Outside the bundle, it is priced at $200, so adding $50 sounds like a steal.

Once it is released, will you buy it over the other Android phones like the Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5, or Google Pixel 2?

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