Bill Maher Called Out Years Ago By Wayne Brady Over Alleged Racist Ways: ‘I Will Beat Your A**’

TV host Bill Maher’s shocking usage of the N-word on his weekly HBO series last Friday was just the latest display of the Real Talk figure’s supposed racist ideals, according to a 2013 interview with Wayne Brady.

An unearthed clip from a Huffington Post Live sit-down in May of that year with the Whose Line Is It Anyway? alum and Let’s Make A Deal presenter, 45, features Brady speaking on comments the 61-year-old Maher made to fellow comedian Aisha Tyler in July of 2012 on her online podcast, Girl On Guy, in relation to the level of “blackness” instilled in both Brady and former President Barack Obama.

“[Obama’s] not a real black man,” Maher reportedly told Tyler.

“He’s more like Wayne Brady.”

Brady, understandably, took offense with Bill’s tone-deaf comparison.

“You know, I respected him as a comedian and with what he does on HBO [with Real Time],” Wayne said, “[but] when he uses me as the cultural linchpin of his ‘[Obama’s] not black enough’ argument, that’s bulls***.”

Wayne went on to allege that Maher’s past relationships with several black women somehow allowed the Politically Incorrect creator to surmise that he could speak freely on such matters, which was wholly, for lack of a better term, incorrect.

“Bill Maher has never walked in my shoes, nor any other black person’s shoes,” Brady continued, “and I said in [another] interview [regarding Bill], just because you’ve been with a black woman or two, you [think] you [know] the ‘Black experience?’

“Oh, now you’re ‘down?’ No!”

The interview Brady touched on, a 2012 appearance on Tyler’s Girl On Boy podcast where Wayne first addressed Bill Maher’s seemingly racist assertion of himself and President Obama, culminated with the notably nice Brady giving a slightly edgier version of his Huffington Post “hypothesis” regarding Maher’s purported penchant for interracial dating.

Comedian Bill Maher was called out on his alleged racist ways four years ago by fellow funnyman Wayne Brady in a scathing interview. [Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]

“Just because you f*** black hookers [and] had that particular black experience,” an angry Wayne began, before realizing he was wasting his breath on the Maher matter.

“The thing is, if I had gone on his show [to talk this out], I [was] not going to win,” Brady relayed, “because as soon as [you’re done filming], he still has his platform to say whatever he wants to,” he continued.

Part of why that is, at least, according to Wayne, is due to Maher believing he gets a “pass” to perform certain actions, such as speaking the N-word openly, as part of his rumored relationship history with African-American women.

“The fact of the matter is,” Brady boasted, “I said to [Bill through Tyler’s podcast] that the ‘black man’ [he refers to] in his mind is the stereotypical [black man].”

Brady then said that if needed, he would confront Bill as the narrow-minded “version” of African Americans Maher believed black people should be, and handle their “beef” in a similar way.

“When I talk to you again, I will give you that ‘black dude’ and I will beat your a** in public.”

Wayne’s contentious conversation can be seen below.

In semi-related news, recurrent Real Time guest speaker Rev. Al Sharpton has also spoken out on the racist remark Maher uttered during Friday’s telecast, and like Brady, proclaimed that Bill does not get a “pass” to say the controversial term.

Writers for the New York Post report that Sharpton addressed the moment on his Sunday morning MSNBC show, Politics Nation, and condemned his fellow political commentator for using the ignorant phrase.

“There are no exceptions that make this [behavior] acceptable,” the religious leader specified.

“He doesn’t get a pass because we’re friends. What Bill Maher did was normalize a word that is anything but normal.”

Reps for HBO confirmed in a statement Saturday that the comment will be removed from future airings of the Real Time episode. Bill Maher has since apologized for making the racist statement.

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