Does ‘Flip Or Flop’ Host Tarek El Moussa Want To Be ‘The Bachelor’ 2018?

While it seems a new candidate with no ties to the show is rarely selected for the leading role of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, that never stops fans from scouting new prospects for the job. One of the latest most eligible men who fans are scoping out is Flip or Flop host Tarek El Moussa. Having split from his wife and co-host Christina late last year, it appears Tarek is ready to find love again. So is Tarek open to finding love on reality television?

Tarek and Christina announced back in December 2016 they had been separated for more than eight months. In January, Tarek filed for divorce. El Moussa has now opened up to E! Online about life after divorce and how he is enjoying being single. Tarek also confirmed that he and Christina are still actively co-parenting and filming new episodes of Flip or Flop.

Tarek also assures fans that while everyone may expect tension on set between the formerly married couple, El Moussa says that is far from factual. Tarek said, “We’ve been separated for over a year. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the episodes they just saw were filmed a year ago while we were separated so they’ve actually seen us on camera separated doing our job. It’s a little bit different because we’re not married anymore but we’re there, we do our job, we’ve been filming for a long time and that’s just what we do.”

While being a father is Tarek’s top priority, he admits he has been exploring the dating world. El Moussa says, “To meet girls is a lot easier than it’s ever been. If you look in the tabloids lately, I’ve been with three different girls and somehow people take pictures and all the articles come out. That’s one of the weird things. I’ll go on a date and all of a sudden, it’s all over the Internet, but it’s part of the game.”

So would Tarek consider going on The Bachelor or a similar dating reality show? Tarek says he is not opposed to the idea of finding love on television. Tarek said, “I would be open to that. I would absolutely be open to that.”

PopSugar also reported on Tarek’s readiness to move on and move forward. In talking about possibly being on The Bachelor, Tarek went on to say, “I’m open for dating shows. I’m ready to date and be healthy. I mean, the last three years have really kicked my butt: cancer, cancer, back, 50-pound weight swing. I’m finally in a place where I’m healthy, happy, and I’m ready to move forward.”

When asked about what exactly he has been doing in his new life as a single man, Tarek says, “The biggest thing I’m doing is half of the time is spending time with my kids and the other half is traveling. I’m going out to dinners. I’m meeting new friends. I’ve never really been single before, believe it or not, so it’s a whole new life and I’m having a lot of fun. I’m just a free spirit. I’m happy. I love going on dates. I like meeting girls. I’m just enjoying it.”

Tarek also took to Instagram this week to share his love of life and the direction in which his life is going. Tarek said in the caption of a video featuring himself steering a boat, “I’m just absolutely loving life!!!! I’ve learned so much about myself the last few months… have fun… don’t be serious…. be present…enjoy family and friends… love yourself… love your friends… be the best you that you can be!!!! This is my #tbt but the video is from Sunday…lol is that considered a throwback?????????????. Just #love my #510sundancer by #searay brings me so much freedom!” It looks like life is finally smooth sailing for Tarek.

Sounds like The Bachelor could be an ideal fit for Tarek El Moussa. Time will tell if producers look into casting Tarek, who is already a popular, eligible reality star, as their next leading king of roses. In the meantime, Rachel Lindsay is well on her way to finding her own true love as The Bachelorette, Monday nights on ABC.

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