Pete Wentz Donates Money, Says “No to Prop 8”

Ashlee Simpson was off somewhere getting ready to pop, but Pete Wentz was out giving oodles of cash to fight Proposition 8 in California and keep same-sex legal. OKay, TMZ doesn’t know exactly how much Pete donated, but with Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg giving $100,000 each, Pete probably ponied up a sizable chunk as well.

Political consultant Trevor Neilson recently challenged celebs out there to contribute to the cause, stating that “I would say the entertainment community needs to step up to the plate and fight this.” If Propositon 8 is passed, the California Consitution would be amended to read that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

It looks like Trevor got his wish! Pete, Brad, and Steven aren’t the only celebrities of note supporting the cause– Sarah Chalke and some of Linkin Park were also spotted at a “No to Prop 8” fundraiser in Hollywood this past weekend.

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