Queen Elizabeth’s Next Birthday Honors List 2017 Will Knight New Sirs, Dames

Is everyone focused on Queen Elizabeth attending horse races and the anniversary of her coronation instead of remembering that June 11 is when Her Majesty will be knighting new dames and sirs?

For people in Queen Elizabeth’s commonwealth, there is a lot of anticipation to know the names associated with her annual birthday honors list — and for fans it feels like watching an awards show like the Grammy’s or the Oscars.

Also like these award shows, there is a lot of anticipation about who will get a notification from Queen Elizabeth that they have been chosen to be knighted or have another royal title bestowed on them.

Alternatively, unlike the Oscars or the Grammy’s, most people have no clue who will be on the list until Queen Elizabeth announces it on her second birthday.

While the news about Queen Elizabeth’s birthday honors list is still a week away, most of her fans are focused on other celebrations happening around the first of June. For example, Queen Elizabeth has an annual celebration of her official coronation as the royal leader of the U.K.

According to People, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth is celebrating its official 64th year, and part of celebrating the anniversary is remembering the splendor of the original ceremony.

If Queen Elizabeth is going to make someone a knight in 2017, she will announce it during her Birthday Honors List celebration on June 11. [Image by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images]

For example, Queen Elizabeth had a gilded carriage that took her to and from the coronation ceremony. Queen Elizabeth also wore a crown encrusted with jewels that was only available for coronation ceremonies.

Naturally, after going through the devastation of World War II, Queen Elizabeth’s coronation on June 2, 1953 had the United Kingdom spellbound.

Queen Elizabeth is still very much a royal today, and although her husband Prince Philip recently retired from royal duties, Queen Elizabeth is still on the prowl. For example, since her birthday around the end of April, Queen Elizabeth has been regularly attending as many horse races as possible.

For example, Gulf News reported that Shaikh Mohammad, royal leader of the United Arab Emirates, met with fellow thoroughbred breeder, Queen Elizabeth, at the Epsom Racecourse for the Epsom Derby on June 2.

Despite the fact that she is actively attending horse races and is commonly seen in public, there is also the usual talk about Queen Elizabeth retiring. Regardless, experts feel that Queen Elizabeth will not be retiring alongside her husband, Prince Philip, anytime soon.

NBC News stated that an expert on Queen Elizabeth said she was extremely dedicated to any vow she takes, and when she accepted her role as Her Majesty, Gordon Rayner gave the following opinion.

“[Queen Elizabeth] made a promise to the people of the Commonwealth before she even became queen that she would devote her whole life, whether it be long or short to the duty that she would be taking on… Abdication is a dirty word in her language. She would never step down.”

Queen Elizabeth’s dedication to the crown also includes a long list of charities or patronages that she is still active in such as the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, Blind Veterans U.K., the Edinburgh International Festival, the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Animal Health Trust, and Save the Children U.K.

However, Queen Elizabeth still likes to have fun, and as previously reported by the Inquisitr, she still carries on the odd royal tradition of celebrating her birthday twice a year. The first time Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday is April 21.

Queen Elizabeth can also make someone an OBE, MBE or CBE instead of a knight. [Image by Warren Little/Getty Images]

The second time Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday is officially on the second Saturday in June. In 2017, Queen Elizabeth will be celebrating her birthday on June 11.

What captures the attention of the U.K. for Queen Elizabeth’s second birthday is the release of her “honours list.”

According to the government website for the U.K., Queen Elizabeth’s birthday honors lists name who will be the next knight, but there are also other titles such as MBE, CBE, or OBE.

Typically, Queen Elizabeth adds a name to the birthday honors list for people that show courage and innovation. For example, former football/soccer player Alan Shearer, was awarded a CBE for charity work.

A survivor of a bombing received an MBE in Queen Elizabeth’s birthday honors list for becoming a Paralympian. Queen Elizabeth has also knighted Sir Elton John, Dame Judi Dench, and Sir Paul McCartney for their contributions to enriching Her Majesty’s commonwealth.

[Feature Image by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images]

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