Nicki Minaj’s Ex Meek Mill Explains The Meaning Of His ‘Wins And Losses’ Album

It’s been five months since Nicki Minaj confirmed her Meek Mill split. And since their breakup, the two have been involved in numerous altercations, at least overtly. In February, Meek Mill reportedly dissed Nicki Minaj during a performance at the Wells Fargo Center.

The event featured major artists in the hip hop industry such as Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Nipsey Hussle, Jadakiss, YG, DMX, Tory Lanez, T.I. and PNB. In between songs, he reportedly told fans that he was single again, stating, “I’m back on my own again. F**k these b***hes.”

Meek Mill also liked a video game-based meme posted by Ebro Darden that seemed to portray Nicki Minaj being slammed by her nemesis Remy Ma. The action prompted a reaction from The Game, who sided with the “No Frauds” singer. He issued the following scathing remarks in regards to the Philly artist disrespecting Nicki Minaj.

“This the type of h*e s**t I hate… This lil b***h @meekmill aka Meesha salty cause his woman left em. Instead of being a REAL NI**A & leaving the situation with ya head up standing tall, you in ya feelings so you get her house robbed & do f**k ni**a sh** fronting for the followers she gave you… liking pictures & leaving comments on posts that disrespect the woman who gave you life, actually loved yo dusty a**, bought you s**t you couldn’t ever afford on yo own & even stood by your side when Drizzy bo**ed you..

“Straight p***y s**t… you know how many REAL NI**AS would love the chance to wife up a Nicki Minaj, Rihanna or a Beyonce’ & you out here playing… I shoulda never took my hands from around Nicki that day we shot #PillsNPotions… that was the last time she been held by a REAL NI**A!!!…

“She the only reason you lasted long enough to beef wit me & trust me, the day is coming where I throw yo lil p**k a** over 6 cars!!! What type of ni**a wanna see the girl that gave him everything he got hurt.. bird a** b*m #NickiBirthedYou #WhatREALMANwannaSeeHisGirlHurting??? #OnlySoLongFakeThugsCanPretend”

This is as reported by Complex. That said, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill reportedly partied in the same club a few days ago, but with different crews, at the LIV club in Miami. Also in attendance was Nicki Minaj’s Cash Money Records boss Birdman, Jason Derulo, Jim Jones, Adrian Broner, Mack Maine, Cortez Bryant, Yo Gotti, and Moneybag Yo.

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj, however, avoided each other, with the “Anaconda” singer hanging out with Birdman in the VIP section and her estranged boyfriend chilling downstairs. Considering that Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj still haven’t settled their differences, at least publicly, there have been wild speculations about the meaning of Meek Mill’s soon-to-be-released album Wins & Losses.

In a new Spotify video, he explains that the title describes the trials and tribulations he has been through that have helped define who he is. Apparently, the rapper is still trying to figure out the wins and losses in his life, as most of the losses turn out to be wins. The following are some of the things he highlighted in relation to this.

“When I got my first deal, signed with Rozay, that was a win. When I lost my freedom and caught my case, it was kind of like a win too. The judge put me through a lot, sent me back and forth to jail, but it taught me a lot. It started out as a loss but I turned it into a win.”

On Thursday, Nicki Minaj and Yo Gotti dropped their collabo “Rake It Up.” Below is the song.

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