MacBook Air 2017 Release Date: WWDC Reveal Not Happening? Brand Reportedly Discontinued

The MacBook Air may be the most neglected Apple product without a significant upgrade in years. Its demise has been rumored for quite some time now, yet fans believe that it still deserves a spot in the MacBook lineup. But now, an individual who claims to be a Foxconn insider casually revealed that the Cupertino tech giant finally brought down the ax on the entry-level laptop.

The tipster took to Reddit to divulge insider information regarding a bunch of Apple products, including the iPhone 8, Apple glasses, MacBook 2018, and the home speaker. The whole thread is focused on these devices, especially on the smartphone. It was when another user asked if there will be a new MacBook Air this 2017 that the insider revealed that there will be none.

“This line is discontinued,” Foxconninsider said.

His identity was verified by the moderators after he submitted the requirements and evidence that he is indeed whom he claims to be. Thus we have reasons to trust the words of the anonymous person on the internet. Of course, we still have reservations, especially given that analysts believed that the MacBook Air would stay.

MacBook Air May Not Appear In WWDC After All

Previously, Bloomberg reported that a refreshed MacBook Air is coming out soon. According to the publication’s sources, the laptop has been considered for an updated processor since the sales are still surprisingly strong. Fitting it with a new chip will make the device more capable and more competitive against the increasing number of challengers.

Gotta Be Mobile further reports that five new Macs are possibly launching soon, including what might be a MacBook Air 2017. These devices are currently expected at WWDC where a Siri home speaker and four new iPad Pros are also being rumored to be introduced.

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However, the Foxconn insider has eliminated all hopes of seeing a new MacBook Air.

Why The MacBook Air Can Stay

As aforementioned, the MacBook Air sales are still high despite not having a significant change in design and internals in years. This only means that a large number of consumers are still interested in the device. Why?

Probably because it is the cheapest MacBook option right now. Although it is not the thinnest and the most lightweight in the lineup anymore, it is serving as the entry-level Apple laptop. The next option is the 12-inch MacBook, which is considerably more expensive than the Air due to its portability and the Retina display.

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For this reason, fans think that Apple should keep the MacBook Air alive through small upgrades enough to keep the laptop up to date but still affordable for students or those who are taking their first plunge into macOS.

MacBook Air 2017 Should Have These Specs

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There is still the possibility that the insider is a fake or he has the wrong information about the MacBook Air. If that’s the case, then we might just see a refreshed version this year.

The 2017 model should then have an Intel Kaby Lake processor to compete with Surface laptop, which is roughly the same price as the MacBook Air but with more power. Microsoft’s bet has just been released a couple of months ago, so it is the better option. If Apple wants to keep its customers from switching brands, a few tweaks in internal specs should be enough.

A USB Type-C support is also welcome along with Thunderbolt 3 and DisplayPort 1.2. The design will likely stay the way it looks right now as well as the display. A Retina screen is out of the question if you want the MacBook Air to remain cheap compared to its cousins.

The new MacBook Air is expected to be revealed during WWDC on June 5-9 in San Jose, California. We’ll then see which of the rumors is correct.

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