‘America’s Got Talent’s Viral Ventriloquist Dishes On Her Favorite Food And Her Hopes For The Future

Darci Lynne Farmer has brought ventriloquism back in a big way. The 12-year-old sensation blew everyone away at the America’s Got Talent auditions as she performed Gershwin’s “Summertime” from their classic hit Porgy and Bess with her mouth closed through her dummy, a bunny named Petunia.

The adorable blonde told the judges that she loved doing ventriloquism because it “it isn’t that common anymore.” She quickly blew everyone away with her act, and was awarded the coveted Golden Buzzer by former Spice Girl, Mel B. This means that Darci was sent straight through to the live show and protected from elimination. While most of the other acts on that episode of America’s Got Talent also made it through to the next round, Darci and Petunia were the only acts to get the Golden Buzzer.

Some people have commented that the young girl might be hurting her vocal chords by singing in such a manner, especially since the song “Summertime” is already so difficult and she’s doing it with her mouth closed. However, this didn’t seem to concern the judges, who were quick to praise the youngster, and called her absolutely adorable.

During her performance, the camera panned to her nervous mother waiting in the wings with Tyra Banks, and Tyra was visibly shocked by the child’s vocal prowess, especially doing so with her mouth closed.

Not only has the young America’s Got Talent star earned the Golden Buzzer, but she has also gone viral since her performance. It was put on YouTube in its entirety and has already been viewed 7.5 million times on YouTube and a whopping 135 million times on Facebook. The video is truly what viral memes are made of.

The young ventriloquist has already appeared on Steve Harvey’s variety show with one of her dummies, however, for some reason, none of her former clips have gone viral.

Howie Mandel, one of the judges for America’s Got Talent, told the youngster that she was an absolutely amazing act.

“I love you and I believe you are going far, you just changed your life tonight,” he said.

The youngster said she started her act to help overcome some of her shyness and that Petunia had helped her find her voice.

The Oklahoma City native recently spoke to Just Jared, Jr.,answering questions about herself and some of her favorite hobbies.

The America’s Got Talent breakout hit revealed that her very favorite food is Chester’s Hot Fries, and that she could see herself eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Although she is a ventriloquist, it is clear that Darci Lynne is an incredible singer. She hasn’t yet graced America’s Got Talent, or the world, with her vocal prowess without her mouth closed, but she has high hopes for her singing career. The young girl has stated that when she gets older, she wants to sing on Broadway. She hopes to appear in a show one day with Kelli O’Hara and Kristin Chenoweth, her favorite Broadway stars.

She also revealed that she absolutely hates corn, and thinks it is one of the worst foods in the world.

Although the America’s Got Talent viral sensation uses a rabbit for her act, she revealed that her favorite animal is a pug dog, and that she’s totally obsessed with them. She also loves to participate in track, but she didn’t say whether or not she is on the track team at school.

Apparently, Darci Lynne is multi-talented, as she also told JustJared, Jr. that she used to train for 33 hours a week in order to become an elite gymnast. It seems that her gymnastics dreams, however, have been abandoned in favor of singing and puppetry.

Here she is performing her song on America’s Got Talent:


[Featured Image by NBC]

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