Bella Thorne Shows Off Nipples In See-Through Top, Says She Didn’t Realize It Was So Transparent

Bella Thorne, who has recently made headlines for her fling with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Scott Disick, gave paparazzi an eyeful when she stepped out of the Peppermint Club in West Hollywood wearing a totally see-through top. The star was totally braless as she walked to her next destination, and showed off her nipples to on lookers.

The young star tweeted that she didn’t realize her top was so sheer, and is now a little bit embarrassed by her fashion mishap.

“When you didn’t know how SEE through your top was till flash hits it,” she wrote on Twitter, with a sad emoji face.

A couple followers weren’t buying it, with one writing, “Well it’s a sheer top and you’re not wearing a bra so……”

Others, however, told Bella Thorne not to worry about it too much, especially since she looks great anyway. Others asked how the star’s breasts looked so perfect even without a bra, which is truly a mystery.

Although Bella Thorne was seen in Cannes at the world famous film festival with Scott Disick, it seems she’s back on again with her ex, 25-year-old Gregg Sulkin. She was recently snapped with him at a soccer game, cheering him on from the stands.

Bella Thorne, however, was not seen with Sulkin on the night the sheer photo was taken.

It is reported that although she and Disick were seen poolside engaged in various PDA, she was not super into his heavy drinking and partying. It is rumored that the former Kardashian beau and dad of three may actually have an issue with partying too hard and could possibly be a sex addict. It is possible Bella was unimpressed by his behavior in Cannes and decided to ditch him. The actress said on Twitter that she didn’t think the “fancy Cannes life” was for her anyway.

The pair had been seen going on a date in Los Angeles before they jetted off for Cannes, which raised a lot of eyebrows given their large age gap. At 19, Bella Thorne is around the same age as Kylie Jenner, which is Scott Disick’s ex, Kourtney Jenner’s youngest half-sister.

During the date, Bella Thorne was sending multiple snapchats to her followers, but Scott wasn’t in any of the photos. Several people speculate that Disick was, instead, just outside of the frame.

However, after the pair stopped seeing one another, Disick seemed to go on a bender that lasted until this weekend, hooking up with an array of women. It was even rumored that during his time in Cannes, he was seen with Sophia Richie, the youngest daughter of Lionel Richie, and the younger sister of Nicole Richie. Evidently age is just a number to Mr. Disick.

When asked if Bella Thorne and Disick were an item, she said she wasn’t talking to “Scott or anyone else,” but it seems she at least still speaking to her ex Gregg Sulkin as they have been spotted together several times since Cannes.

This isn’t the first time Bella Thorne has bared all, however. The Famous In Love actress has posted photos of herself with see-through tops on her social media in the past, showing off her nipple piercings in a piece of cloth that pretty much covers nothing. The top she was wearing last night at the Peppermint Club, however, was so sheer that one would have to wonder how she even thought it provided any kind of coverage for her night out.

Bella Thorne has also previously been seen in flimsy shirts and no bra, so it seems to be one of her fashion staples to wear shirts that barely cover her chest.

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