Kathy Griffin Diagnosed With ‘Diarrhea Of The Mouth’ By Michelle Malkin

Does Kathy Griffin really believe that she’s fooled anyone by holding a press conference claiming that she is now a victim? That’s what the folks on Fox & Friends Weekend want to know, which was part of their discussion on Saturday morning. Griffin declared to the masses that Donald Trump and his family are out to ruin her life forever and this accusation has left people stunned. One of those rather confused by Griffin suddenly declaring herself as a victim was Michelle Malkin, who appeared on Fox & Friends Weekend Saturday morning to share her thoughts.

The dramatics displayed by Griffin at that press conference got a critique from Malkin who quite simply said that Griffin was “a really bad actress.” Malkin is an author, a conservative blogger and a political commentator. She is often a guest on Fox News and her syndicated column appears across the country in a number of newspapers and in numerous websites online.

Malkin talked about Griffin on Friday night when she appeared on Hannity, according to Fox News Insider. Unless you live in the Arctic Circle, you’ve heard about Kathy Griffin posing for a picture holding a mock severed head of Donald Trump. That picture was posted online and it caused major outrage.

Donald Trump addressed this picture via Twitter calling Griffin “sick” and he also said that his children, especially his 11-year-old son, Barron, were unsettled by this display. Later that day it was learned that Barron had been watching TV when Griffin’s disturbing picture appeared on the screen. He thought that something bad had happened to his father, really scaring the young boy. This was reported by TMZ.

Griffin did issue a generic public apology in a video, but she never apologized to Trump or his family. The headlines continued to report the outrage over what Griffin had done. Reports also continue to cite that she had basically lost all her gainful employment over the severed head ploy.


Then out of the blue Griffin holds a press conference complete with sobs, facial grimaces, and some very forced looking tears, which is described on Fox. You can see just how Griffin behaved in the Facebook video posted above. The most astonishing thing she conveyed was that she was now painting herself as a victim of Donald Trump and his family, saying that this first family was out to ruin her life forever.

Jaws dropped around the nation at Griffin’s words and some even scurried to search the online world to see what they had missed. The last thing that anyone had heard was that Griffin posted a disgusting picture that targeted Trump. It looked as though Trump was the victim and not her, according to what the majority of social media users had to say. Nothing was reported on Trump and his family targeting the now unemployed comedian or her livelihood, so how was she seeing herself as a victim?


Nothing else besides what Donald, Melania, and Donald Trump Jr. each tweeted online after seeing the picture has come from the family. So what transpired for Griffin to now play the victim? Nothing, nothing at all. There was no mention of the Trump family going after Griffin. All that was online is what the president had posted earlier, which was that he thought her photo was “sick.” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that he didn’t believe her apology to be sincere.

Melania Trump was straight forward in her tweet, as she wondered about a person possibly struggling with mental illness to post such a horrible picture. That was the end of it for the Trump family, but somehow Griffin conjures up a fantasy campaign that the first family is out to ruin her. This is what Michelle Malkin couldn’t get over and she echoed the thoughts of many people today.


Griffin said during her press conference that old white men have always tried to silence her so she is used to it. She also became a bit defiant when saying she wasn’t afraid of Trump and that she would be making fun of him even more now. When Michelle Malkin was on Hannity, she called the conference “an utter dumpster fire.” She also called Griffin “the worst kind of soulless troll.” As she watched Griffin continue on and on about Trump ruining her life, Malkin said that the only one doing any talking is Griffin herself and “she won’t shut up,” this is what she shared on Fox & Friends Weekend on Saturday.

She then said that Griffin had “diarrhea of the mouth.” What Malkin said about the now unemployed comedian wasn’t anything different than what many were thinking. The fact that Griffin held this press conference with her lawyer was confusing to many. What did she possibly need a lawyer for?

She was the one who did all the talking and she was the one who did the deed that put her on the unemployment line. CNN fired her from her New Year’s Eve gig with Anderson Cooper. She was also let go from several other gigs for various venues that she had signed on for. Now they’re gone and she has nobody to blame but herself.

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