‘Dance Moms’ Alum Maddie Ziegler Drops The ‘L Bomb’ To Boyfriend

Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler may have been accused of moving too fast with her boyfriend, Aussie Jack Kelley, but the 14-year-old star has recently dropped the “l bomb” on him. That’s right, the young dancer has told her boyfriend of six months that she loves him.

“6 months!!! I love you so much,” Maddie wrote as a caption underneath a photo of the pair on Instagram.

Maddie Ziegler has faced criticism in the past of the photos of herself and her boyfriend engaged in PDA with one another. Although the pair don’t live in the same country, when they get together, they are often pictured hugging, kissing or with Maddie sitting on his lap. Some think this is too much for the 14-year-old, and many have asked where her mother is while the two are being so physical.

While Maddie Ziegler and Jack seem head over heels in love (and who isn’t with their first?), Abby Lee Miller, Maddie’s former dance coach, has taken credit for the romance.

“I remember the day I introduced [Maddie] to [Jack]. Came across some old pics! This was the beginning.. Two Too Cute! Who would’ve think it? Lol! Me!” the Dance Moms alum wrote.

Although some have questioned her mother’s involvement as the two post photos of themselves all over each other, Maddie Ziegler has stated that her mom allows her to like boys, but not “do” anything.

“My mom lets me like boys now, which is good. She used to not let me, but now, I mean… It can’t be like a real [date]. I’m only 14. [I’m allowed to text boys but I] wouldn’t do anything though because I’m only 14,” she revealed.

The young star left the show Dance Moms, which launched her career, in order to pursue other jobs and goals. From the show, the star not only apparently met the current love of her life but was also introduced to Sia, whom she has toured with. Maddie Ziegler appeared in her video, “Chandelier” in which she acted as a younger version of Sia, doing incredible dance movements in a one-shot music video. Since then, she has appeared in several Sia videos and has been to many different events that Sia has been to acting as Sia’s proxy. Because of her extreme anxiety and desire to remain private, Sia often sings facing the wall or with a wig covering more than half of her face. Because of this, Maddie acts as the visible portion of her.

The star has stated very firmly that she has “moved on from Dance Moms” and that the period in her life was incredibly stressful. She wrote in her New York Times Bestselling book that she often bit her nails to the quick when competing because she worried so much about disappointing her teacher.

Although she has moved on from the series, it seems her former dance teacher hasn’t. Abby Lee Miller, who will be headed to prison at the end of the month for bankruptcy fraud, is still posting photos of Maddie Ziegler, her sister Mackenzie, and the other girls from Dance Moms on her Instagram, which fans find a little more than bizarre. Since Abby has stated that she is estranged from them all, people are unsure what her motive is.

But Maddie Ziegler has more important things to worry about than her former dance teacher. The young star is still dancing and is about to promote her new film, The Book of Henry, which comes out this summer. This is her first big acting role in a major motion picture, and she is incredibly excited to start the premiere circuit.

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