‘The Perfect Soulmate’: Too Bad Lifetime Movie Not A True Story, Airs Sunday, Starring Cassandra Scerbo

The Perfect Soulmate, Lifetime’s latest movie thriller, is set to air this Sunday on the network. It is directed by Curtis Crawford and Anthony Lefresne. John Serge signed on as the writer. According to the Lifetime’s latest movie thriller, is set to air this Sunday on the network. It is directed by Curtis Crawford and Anthony Lefresne. According to the Los Angeles Times, Lifetime Television’s The Perfect Soulmate stars Cassandra Scerbo as Lee Maxson, Alex Paxton-Beesley as Sarah Miles, Scott Gibson as Will Lawrence, Jeff Teravainen as Daniel Miles, Habree Ahrys Larratt as Megan Miles, Gwenm Carsley as Detective Chris Collins, Edie Inksetter as Nina, Deborah Grover as Marlene Maxson, Norman Mikeal Berketa as Paul Crawford, Asha Talbert as Jay, and Tomas Chovanec as Colton Friedman.

Lifetime Movie The Perfect Soulmate: Synopsis

Sarah Miles is a successful poet and book writer who is raising her child, Megan. From the outside looking in, Sarah has it all, a wealthy husband, a beautiful daughter, and a gorgeous mansion in the suburbs. However, her true life isn’t the way it appears in her books. Behind closed doors, she is dealing with a tyrant of a husband, who seeks to control her every move. At times, he is also abusive.

For a woman like Sarah, who is comfortable in her seemingly perfect suburban life, she wouldn’t dream of actually leaving him. That line of thinking is exactly what makes Sarah vulnerable to a female fan, who has recently started writing her.

As the two women talk, Sarah feels like Lee Maxson is the perfect friend, the kind of friend who could actually fulfill that part of her that has been missing.

What Sarah doesn’t know is that Lee Maxon has a dark personality and has killed twice before. Soon, Lee tries to invade every part of Sarah’s life, she even helps her cope with her abusive husband. Then, tragedy strikes after Sarah’s husband ends up dead in a botched robbery, or so it seems. Now, with her friend needing her more than ever, Lee penetrates Sarah’s life even further, causing Sarah to pull back to create some distance between them. Instead of discouraging Lee, it fuels her obsession and turns her into mortal enemy number one.

The Perfect Soulmate: True Story Talk

The Perfect Soulmate doesn’t boast that the movie is a true story. However, that doesn’t mean that crazy stalker friends don’t exist in real life. Take the blog Becoming Nikki Lynette, in which the blogger describes a beautiful woman who began stalking her after they met at one of her mixtape release parties. The woman was cheering her on in a loud and boisterous way. After the event, the stranger came up to her, introduced herself, and then “friended” her on Facebook.

Despite avoiding the strange woman, in the beginning, she realized that her new friend was awesome, and they eventually became “besties.” That case had a good ending. However, another stalking incident was more sinister in nature.

In 2008, Marianne Murphy made headlines after she reported that her best friend’s husband, Brian Dornan, had become completely obsessed with her. She endured relentless phone calls from him that were frightening and disturbing. At first, she had no idea that it was her best friend’s husband until she heard him talking to her daughter. The Daily Mail explains.

“Brian was playing with Lucy when he whispered: ‘Come here, Lucy,’ and there was something in the way that he spoke the “c” in Lucy’s name that made my blood run cold.”

“I had noticed the caller had a slight lisp and suddenly, when I heard Brian whisper, I heard that rasping lisp again. In that heart-stopping instant, I knew my stalker was Brian.”

“Carla was out and I felt my insides turn to jelly. “I didn’t want to give Brian any inkling I knew it was him, but I was now petrified for our safety. Somehow I managed to keep calm and make my excuses, and Lucy and I quickly left.”

Dornan was eventually arrested, and his wife left him.

There is also another case that makes an interesting read. This story involved Colin Howell, a respected dentist who killed his wife and his lover’s husband. He tried to frame them by making the double murders look like a suicide pact. The scheme worked until Colin Howell finally admitted, 20 years later, that he murdered Lesley Howell and Trevor Buchanan to be with Hazel Stewart. According to a former Inquisitr article, the two were like soulmates, often sneaking around to have sex wherever they could. What happened next is revealed here.

The Perfect Soulmate will debut this Sunday on Lifetime. Check your local listings for exact times. Tom Berry, Neil Bregman, and Pierre David are listed as executive producers for this feature film. The Perfect Soulmate is produced by N.B Thrilling Films 8.

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