‘Tron: Legacy’ Sequel Powers Up At Disney

Disney is currently piecing together a sequel to director Joseph Kosinski’s underrated 2010 science fiction movie Tron: Legacy, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although Legacy didn’t exactly set the box office on fire when it hit theaters in December of 2010, the film’s box office receipts from around the world helped push its haul to around $400 million. This is apparently enough scratch for Disney executives to green light a sequel.

Jesse Wigutow, who penned the 2003 comedy It Runs in the Family starring Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas, has been selected to handle scripting duties for the film. Latino Review explains that Wigutow has also been selected to tackle the screenplay for the proposed Crow reboot.

Joseph Kosinski, the man responsible for helming Tron: Legacy, is reportedly returning to the director’s chair for the next installment in the franchise.

As of this writing, plot details are few and far between. However, once the script is in the can and production is underway, chances are we’ll know more about the picture and what it’s about.

Although nothing has been official released regarding the movie’s storyline, Slash Film points out that the plot may center around Olivia Wilde’s character and Dillinger’s son (Cillian Murphy). The film could find its way into theaters in 2014.

Jesse Wigutow’s career seems to be on the upswing at the moment. In addition to the Tron: Legacy sequel and The Crow reboot, the writer has been tapped to deliver scripts for The Osterman Weekend remake and the Steve McQueen biopic that’s currently taking shape.

The screenwriter is also working on two other movies for Disney. Wigutow will pen screenplays for both Peter and the Starcatchers and Parallel.

Were you a fan of Tron and Tron: Legacy? Are you looking forward the sequel that could see the light of day sometime in 2014?

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