Jenelle Evans Gets Political, Gives Ironic Opinion On Infamous Beheading Photo

Teen Mom 2′s Jenelle Evans has been in the spotlight lately quite a bit due to her long ranging custody battle with her mother, Barbara. But today, the reality TV star took the time to address the Trump beheading photo by Kathy Griffin on her Facebook, and the opinion she offered is a little more than ironic.

She posted a video of the press conference Kathy Griffin held with her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, in which she apologised for the photo and stated that she knew she went too far. Griffin also claimed she had lost at least five jobs from the fallout and felt the Trump family was bullying her into submission after the photo surfaced.

Over the photo, Jenelle Evans posted her own opinion, which is rather bizarre given her tendency to act out on social media.

“Didn’t she learn what not to post publicly years ago? Celebrities are trained to know what the public is going to freak out over, but in this case she has gone too far. I don’t care if she’s sad or not… her loss,” the mother of three wrote on her Facebook.

Although Jenelle Evan’s profile is public, only her friends are allowed to comment on her page. Therefore, she only has one comment from someone agreeing with her.

Jenelle Evans, however, is notorious for posting things publicly that people have freaked out over, in addition to airing more than her fair share of her dirty laundry. In fact, the Teen Mom 2 star was recently in a bitter Twitter feud with her future sister-in-law, Jessica Eason. The pair went back and forth for almost two weeks, accusing one another of doing drugs and making public statements about each other.

The Teen Mom 2 star has also taken to social media to slam her mother, Barbara Evans, for continuing to have full custodianship of her son. She has insinuated that her mother is “the bad one” and that her mother has secrets that she’s going to reveal in her new tell-all book, which is due out this summer.

She has also used social media to try and target her mother by attempting to frame her for drunk driving with children in the car by showing up at a lunch with a friend when she’s having a glass of wine and yelling at her. This was part of her plan to show that her mother was unfit to continue raising her son, Jace, 7.

Jenelle Evans has also had nude photos of herself leaked more than once, including photos doing drugs, posing with drug paraphernalia and Jenelle involved in sexual acts. In light of her history, it is incredibly ironic that she would say that celebrities are “trained” to know what people “will freak out over.” It’s also ironic that she has no sympathy for Kathy Griffin, when some of her most recent Snapchats, showing herself (a former addict) drinking beer with a friend who may still use drugs, may have been taken into account when not awarding her with full custodianship of her child.

As Teen Mom 2 fans are aware, Jenelle Evans and her mom have been in a bitter custody battle over Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace. Jenelle signed over her rights to her mother shortly after he was born due to being unable to care for him herself. At the time, the young mother struggled with drug addiction and was out partying hard, and therefore was not responsible enough to raise her child.

But now that she has settled down with her fiance, David Eason, she feels she is more than ready to have her son back full-time, though the court system doesn’t agree.

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