June Is Adopt A Rescue Cat Month — Here’s What You Need To Know Before Bringing A Shelter Cat Home

June is Adopt a Rescue Cat Month and there’s never been a better time to bring a shelter cat or kitten home than now. Spring is a time when many kittens are born and the results often mean an influx of unwanted cats or kittens in June. American Humane trademarked Adopt a Cat Month as a way of ensuring cats born during kitten season find forever homes. On June 1, 2017, American Human released a press statement regarding this year’s campaign and steps people can take to adopt a cat or two. American Humane CEO, Dr. Robin Ganzert stated the following regarding Adopt a Cat Month.

“American Humane has rescued thousands of cats in need over the past 100 years. But there are still millions more healthy, adoptable pets in shelters around the country, just waiting for someone to be their hero by rescuing them and bringing them home. American Humane’s Adopt-a-Cat Month not only encourages people to give loving homes to animals in need, but offers an opportunity to provide a wider focus on the ongoing need these beautiful animals face all year round. Remember, every day – this month and all year long – is Caturday!”

Because many kittens are born during spring, you’ll find plenty of cats available for adoption in June. American Humane recommends adopting two cats at the same time as this helps ensure your cats will have plenty of stimulation and social interaction. Kittens and adult cats are prevalent this time of year and while many people enjoy the prospect of adopting kittens and bringing them into the family, adult cats need love too. There are advantages to adopting both kittens and cats and each brings their own unique qualities to the home.

It’s important to adopt a shelter cat or kitten that will adjust well to your home. Since you would need a crystal ball in order to determine ahead of time how a new pet will behave, it’s best to make your selection based on the cat’s temperament. Spend time observing cats while they’re in the shelter and select one who exhibits a temperament similar to your own. If you want a calm pet that won’t jump around much, look for an older, more sedate cat. Young kittens need plenty of daily exercises and you must be prepared to interact with your kitten on a regular basis. American Humane reported the following.

“Just as we each have our own personality, so do cats. In general, cats with long hair and round heads and bodies are more easygoing than lean cats with narrow heads and short hair, who are typically more active. Adoption counselors can offer advice to help you match the individual cat’s personality with your own.”

Before adopting a cat or kitten you need to be prepared. There are many factors to consider before making your final selection. You need to ensure you can handle the costs of a cat including veterinarian care, pet food, and supplies. It’s a good idea to bring your newly adopted pet for a checkup regardless of whether he or she was given the all-clear from a shelter or the adopting facility. Familiarizing your new pet with his or her vet from the beginning is a great start to ensuring your new pet’s health. Make certain to have everything you’ll need for your new pet or pets on hand before you bring them home. The focus should be on spending time with your new pet and acclimating him or her to the new environment, not on buying last minute supplies.

Some cats or kittens will take longer than others to feel comfortable in their new home. Offer your new cat plenty of patience and love and soon they’ll be walking around your home as if they truly belong. Take time in introducing cats and kittens to other animals and family members and don’t let your new pet be handled as soon as they come home. Too many hands wanting to hold the kitten or cat can cause your new pet to feel fearful. Give your cat or cats a secure, safe, environment with lots of love and they will respond to you in their own time.

Adopting shelter cats in June is a great way to help reduce the number of unwanted cats and helps ensure that every cat gets a forever home. Are you going to adopt a cat this month?

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