Snoop Lion Says He Smokes 81 Blunts A Day On Reddit AMA Chat

Snoop Lion made his way to Reddit to talk with fans, sharing an amazing fact about the self-professed marijuana lover — he smokes 81 blunts a day.

The former Snoop Dogg fielded a number of questions during the “Ask Me Anything” session, though as The Huffington Post notes, most were pot-related.

Snoop Lion’s Reddit chat coincided with a milestone for pot smokers. Thursday was the first day of legalized recreational marijuana in Washington. Seattle residents treated the day as a holiday, gathering for a New Year’s Eve-style countdown to 12 am, The Associated Press reported. When the clock struck 12 they cheered and lit up in unison.

Snoop Lion’s Reddit chat touched on many aspects of his relationship with Mary Jane. Some of the highlights include:

avenx: What was it like working with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in Starsky & Hutch?
Those cats can smoke uhearme

martzzz: Are you always high before concerts/recordings?

March1989: I’ve heard that you’ve said Willie Nelson is the only person who has outsmoked you. Is this true?
Willie is 1 of tha greatest to do it!! Smokn n music

spookyjack123: Do you believe in the taxation of Mary Jane with legalization, or would you prefer to see it have little to no taxes ?
Legalize it n if that means tax it then do it

On average, how much do you smoke in a week?
81 blunts a day x 7

Snoop Lion showed on his Reddit AMA chat that he has obviously adopted a very liberal attitude toward marijuana, and that applies to his own family as well. In September the rapper said he doesn’t mind that his 18-year-old son also smokes.

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