Olivia Caridi Not Headed To ‘Paradise,’ But Her Ex-Boyfriend Is: Remember Derek Peth?

Olivia Caridi got the villain edit during Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor but she’s not making that mistake again. After being asked to join the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, being pegged the villain again is the least of her worries. It turns out she planned to go to Paradise with her now ex-boyfriend, Derek Peth (Kaitlyn’s season) but that didn’t work out the way she planned.

Olivia tells Reality Steve that Derek told her he didn’t want to date anyone from the Bachelor franchise and broke off their relationship. Instead of going off on his own to date people outside the show, Steve states that Peth is going to Paradise. (This has now been confirmed by ABC.) So much for not dating people within the franchise.

Olivia’s Bachelor family relationship with Derek is just one of many twisted tales that are surfacing as filming for Bachelor inParadise Season 4 gets underway this weekend. That’s right. According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, there are several contestants joining the cast that hooked up before heading to Mexico to tape the show. Some of them will meet on the sunny shores of Mexico, some got axed from the cast. But, let’s focus on Olivia because she’s a treasure trove of gossip goodness.

According to Reality Steve, Olivia and Derek “were a thing” and they were totally planning a trip to Paradise as a couple. Whether they would have been cast as a couple or not is unknown, but that’s a moot point right now. Steve confirmed the breakup with Olivia and, as noted above, got the low-down on the breakup right from Olivia’s mouth.

And as a side note, it’s understandable why she turned it down, but having Olivia on Bachelor in Paradise would have been a hoot.

Steve states that he heard rumors that they were dating and subsequently broke up. He asked her why they split. When she stated that he ended their relationship because “he didn’t want to date anyone from the franchise.”

That statement raises some questions about Derek’s intentions. Reality Steve suspects that Derek will be showing up in Paradise at some point this season. That means he would be dating ladies from the franchise. So, can we all hear a collective, “hmmmm” about his reason for breaking up with the always-entertaining Olivia Caridi?

“Derek you do realize that breaking up with the girl because you don’t want to date anyone from the franchise,” Steve writes. “Then going on Paradise to, well, date people from the franchise, is about the stupidest thing you can ever say to a girl you’re dumping, right?”

Meanwhile, Olivia is busy hosting CBS Radio’s Mouthing Off podcast on Playit. And, hopefully, she will have some juicy commentary about Bachelor in Paradise this summer, especially if Derek Peth shows up.

ABC confirmed the first round of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 contestants this week. Derek isn’t the only guy rumored to have had a relationship (or fling) with a contestant prior to jetting off to Mexico. Reality Steve‘s scoop about the upcoming season has fans wondering if there are any contestants coming on the show to find love, or is it all about creating a brand and staying reality TV famous?

Steve has revealed that Robby Hayes (JoJo Fletcher’s season) will be joining the cast after having a fling with Sarah Vendal from Nick’s season of The Bachelor.

At the same time that he was enjoying Sarah’s company, Us Weekly reported that Robby was spotted out and about with Kathryn Palmer, who recently appeared on the reality TV show, “Are You The One.” Robby told Us that Kathryn knew Paradise was “in the cards” for him and made it clear that “nothing serious was going on” and they were not in a relationship.

While it’s not likely Kathryn will be part of the Paradise cast (never say never), fans will have to wait and see if Sarah Vendal comes face-to-face with Robby this summer.

Watch Bachelor in Paradise premiere on August 8 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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